How to unlock iCloud locked Apple iPad 2, 3, 4, iPad Air and Air 2, iPad mini 1, 2, 3, 4, iPad 12.9 and 9.7


This method will help you bypass iCloud on locked iPads. At this moment it works with Apple iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad 4, iPad Air,  iPad mini,  iPad mini 2, iPad Air 2, iPad mini 3, iPad mini 4, iPad Pro 12.9, iPad Pro 9.7 which is locked by service iCloud. Include locked through “Lost and erased” mode.

After this you will can install any apps on your iCloud free iPad, make jailbreak, assign your own Apple ID account  and do any other things.

Here you can read manual to bypass iCloud on model of your iPad:

If you are looking for a way to unlock the iCloud on iPad Wi-Fi Only, iPhone or iPod, then read this article: How to bypass iCloud on iPad WiFi, iPad Cellular, iPhone and iPod




Этот метод поможет вам снять iCloud на заблокированных iPad. Метод работает с iCloud locked Apple iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad 4, iPad Air,  iPad mini,  iPad mini 2, iPad Air 2 и iPad mini 3, iPad mini 4, iPad Pro 12.9, iPad Pro 9.7, которые заблокированы через сервис iCloud. Включительно с заблокированный через режим “Lost and erased”.

После этого вы сможете установить любые приложения на освобожденный от iCloud iPad, сделать jailbreak, назначить собственный Apple ID и делать любые другие операции.

Здесь вы можете прочитать инструкцию по разблокировке iCloud на вашей модели iPad:

Если вы ищите способ разблокировки iCloud на iPad Wi-Fi, iPhone или iPod, тогда прочтите эту статью: How to bypass iCloud on iPad WiFi, iPad Cellular, iPhone and iPod

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1,261 thoughts on “How to unlock iCloud locked Apple iPad 2, 3, 4, iPad Air and Air 2, iPad mini 1, 2, 3, 4, iPad 12.9 and 9.7

  1. good evening. I have the model a1490 and I removed the resistance 4 but I have two doubts.
    1.- How the jumper is made
    2.- Is there an error in the syntax? (you can solder “in” resistor 3 “on” position 2) could you explain to me that I should weld and where? if in this case I do not want to make the jumper or explain how to make the jumper?
    thank you very much

  2. Got an ipad Air 3G, 11.3.1 update won’t let me activate it. says error connecting to apple servers.

  3. pavel saludo perform the work of icloud on an ipad air a1475 the ipad is perfectly unlocked but you do not want to activate with the latter ios 11.0.1 you tried the same work with another ipad air of the same model and it is in the same situation it is not activated there is solution

      1. hello pal, Is there anyway to restore ipad mini 2 and above model after hardware unlock?
        Please get back to me. its really urgent.
        Thanks in advance.

  4. Its not working itunes didnt activate ipad and i dont know why wifi doesnt work only ipad connecting itunes via usb cable after connected itunes warn ipad didnt activated.

    And your information text second step writing ipad mini3 third step saying ipad mini4 is it true?

  5. I have a problem I had a bypass with iOS 10 but was upgrade to iOS 11 is any solution for this or just I have a luxury stone for the paper? It’s an iPad mini 2. Regards. Thanks for this tuto.

  6. hi Pavel,
    i have ipad mini 2
    u want to bypass
    but iam confused
    whether it can still and in the restore to ios 10.3.3 at this time?

  7. Apple has stop signing IOS 10.3.3 , no more hardware removal!!! I wonder if it will still be possible thru reprogramming NAND with different serial Number

  8. Is there a Jailbreak for iOS 10.3.3 for iPad Air 2? I have one here on 9.3.3 working normal, should i stay on 9?

  9. Good day, after the process ipad is in recovery (with the screen black) and when I try to update with itunes I get error, before I got error 9, now I always get 4014. Its possible that I done something wrong? If we solve this I will donate 30$ for research to you.

  10. iOS 11 can be activated on bypassed devices if you downgrade iPad to 10.3.3 and then you do update with WiFi and don’t update with iTunes .
    But the problem is that you can now downgrade but after maybe 1 month you can’t do it

  11. Hello.


    Many people can’t activate bypassed deviced devices.

    If you have already had suck problem and can’t restore from backup than write to Apple support. Pretend to be a noob. Say that you bought such a device and tried to upgrade to version 11. Do not say anything about the bypass procedure.

    1. Quote from forum:

      I have tested 2 different ipads (air and a air 2), both can’t be activated with ios 11. however if you just upgrade via OTA than it will work fine. but if you restore or reset it than you cant activate. This is the end of icloud hardware bypass.

    1. Hi
      Many people sold such devices as usual. If Apple blocks buyers, then scandal will rise.
      When the support for iOS 10 stops, all you must fill up the technical support of Apple with letters that your purchased device has blocked

  12. hi boss, i have already bypass the ipad pro 9,7, now i’m traying to fix the grey wifi, i have take out the nand and i have use the JC N2 for unlock wifi, but wifi still in grey, should i change wifi and mac adrees? you thing that will work ?? and i have donate U$S 50 , thanks for your hard work boss! i apreciate a lot! from argentine!

    1. Hello

      Thank you.

      I don’t know what JC N2 is. Try to ask here

      As I know you should pair nand with new baseband chip

            1. $20 USD anyways. Also if you ever need detailed close up photos to specific devices. I have a very small repair business; so I come across various devices. Just ask and you shall receive (maybe lol) via my email I sent you a message from

  13. hello i have a iPad air 2 on 10.2.1 i tried to jailbreak but no cydia,i have yalu102 on the screen ,im connected with my iPhone on bluetooth and tried already 20 times with no results,no cydia, it is possible i have done this wrong?thx for the help

  14. I did 2 ipad’s air 2 64 gb, both of them worked fine. however since 10.2 is not signed anymore i could only go to 10.3.2 so now i have to wait for jailbreak. there would be the other method to change the wifi board on the motherboard, but there is no guarantee that the board will not get damaged since it has underfill also.
    When you think that replacing the wifi driver is such an easy task, but we can not do it just because we do not have root access it’s a shame.
    There could be another way to make a custom firmware with the driver already inside, but lately apple has done all they could to patch this as well and not be able to write cfw’s anymore either. There used to be a glitch that allowed to install cfw’s with patched to bypass icloud in software mode, but it does not work anymore, not even on older devices.

  15. Hi. On ipad 1475 air 1 i removed the resistor many times but this time itunes recognises ipad as an iphone. I only find it on ipad mini until now but never on other ipad. Any help? I did donation Pavel almost 2 years ago when i first found your blog. I Will do again after i will test solution on ipad pro and air 2. Thx in advance

  16. I pad Air 2 10.3.2. working with bypass! (I messed something up, now all I see is a grey and white screen, what did I do wrong, it respond to touch, i can hear voice over saying all the setup steps as I navigate said the welcome to your new ipad in itunes and everything, but I cant see JACK, in other words NOTHING! what did I mess up? any help would be appreciated.

      1. U must be stupid God is one and he made that person u talk of and all his many talents that he does and u see him that way repent

  17. Hi! i want to know if somebody know where i can find the wifi files for ipad mini, greetings!

    1. I have a non tested method in how to obtain driver’s, 1st, decompress the ipsw, but what are the files? i have of ipad air 2, i need to see, if are there, the same named files, or folders.

      1. Oh, i forgot, i need to do jb first… but no bt, no wifi… i´m in 9.3.2, ipad mini bypas…

  18. iPad Air A1475. I’ve removed resistor r1506 without any issues all seems fine but it seems to be getting very warm around where the resistor was removed. Could it be the transceiver over working. What are my options please willing to donate.

  19. Hello Pasha! and all the experts in here hope you guyz are doing well,
    yesterday i removed this resistor r1205 on my ipad A1396 after removing it the ipad is not showing up even detecting to the pc. first i thougt it was the battery’s fault but i charged it the whole night till now it is not comming up or detecting anywhere. is there any wrong thing i did on it? or was the r1205 chip related to power suply system? any one can help with it or telling me wat to do of it. thank you.

  20. I did in a1550, and don´t power on… i need to check, what happend, i touch and the area of interest is hot just a little…

    1. I doubt anyone can help with this…but….I have ipad 12.9 pro wifi + 4g lte…my issue is i am trying to reprogram the 4g lte wifi module to wifi only model…(the wifi chip itself)….i remove wifi chip, use machine to reprogram nand, but wifi module does not convert to wifi only module…it stays greyed out..

      im trying to do the same process as if i JB the ipad and replace wifi files….
      im doing it through hardware, im trying to get the ipad to rewrite the wifi module files..
      take off wifi module, restore ipad to wifi only firmware, then put wifi chip back on….
      i am stuck

  21. hi Firsty would like thank you this great work !!
    am working on the ipad air 2 i have manged to make the jumper at the location and and installed the wifi only ios .
    i need some help from regarding the next steps

    i have downloaded the zip file to my PC
    How do i install IOS 9 to my ipad Air2 ?

    i would very grateful if you kindly answers this question for me

    many thanks
    PS i would be happy to make a donation for help on this matter ,

  22. Hi Pavel.
    I have a problem , iPad air a1475 .
    After removing r1506 , my iPad power in normal mod .
    what can i do ?
    pls help me , a I’m donate .

  23. Hi, I would like to ask a question !! I did the procedure to remove the 1506 from a ipad air A1475 Wifi + 4g still connected to the battery, it turned on normally but it was turning off, I waited to end the battery which by the way ended much faster than normal, and now I can not reload ja I made the restore for iOS 10.2.1 and now I have two problems: Ipad does not load and activation gives “Server out of service” error Has anyone had this?
    Sorry for my horrible english hsh

  24. hi,
    i have lga60 chips received from aliexpress as working on ipad2 new version (emc2560).
    i desoldered the original chips and found that the board have all 60 pads, but the original nand is lga52.
    the middle row of pads not soldered.
    my question is: should i soldered the middle row of pads of the new chips or not?

  25. Hello greetings from venezuela thanks to all your informations about bypass in ipad learned to do in all the indicated models without being technician in iphone the verda I feel very grateful for I am living of this so many thanks auque I would like to do it in iphone again thanks

  26. Hello,i have an iPad A1567 Air 2,i did the jump as shown in photo and now i restore it whith ios 10.2.1, but it ask me for old email and password any solution?Thank you!

  27. Hello,i have an iPad A1567 Air 2,i did the jump as shown in photo and now i can’t restore throught says Waiting for iPad and at the end error 4005 any solution?Thank you!

  28. I have a iPad Air 2 screen broken,now jumping resistors will solve problem for good,and take the board completely out?

  29. Hello,
    Tested with Ipad Air 2 (IOS 10.1.1), wifi not greyed anymore, just follow instructions above. For jailbreak i used yalu beta and cydia impactor (cydia may not work at the first try, just don’t give up!). for trusting developer app you will have to connect to a phone with bluetooth tethering enabled (i used an android phone on KitKat).

    Thank you alot Pavel ! (finally it works after an accidentally update in October 2016!)

    1. Hey after you jumped the iPad Air 2,did you use wi if only iPad software?or did you just let iTunes download the new software?

      1. Hey, Ipad was on ios 9.3.3 (Wifi-Only) when the hardware modification was done. i’ve then (accidentally) updated to ios 10.1.1 (when it was signed yet, itunes downloaded wifi version) => Wifi Lost. I’ve stopped any upgrade since October waiting for a jailbreak to be released. If you’re in the same case, i suggest you to keep the actual ios (wifi version, or at least the oldest signable ios) until the release of it’s jailbreak and manually add drivers.

        Hope it helps

  30. Hi. I unlock iPad Air 1 1475 but after restore audio is not working. If I put my ear near the case I can hear something like scratches. It is impossible to short circuit the audio ic . I have done this 100 times with air 1.

  31. hi,
    after having done the modification, my bluetooth worked.
    i connected the ipad to internet though bluetooth on phone . (same as instructions upper)

    1. my 5 ipad air 2 test. bluetoth and wifi not not work, replace wifi ic-> full bypass and work. opsionel baseband ic remove %15 battery quadly 🙂

  32. ipad air 2 – jailbreak beta 7 done – wifi and bluetooth driver – tested ok
    Airplay – tested ok-
    i don’t perform restore non jb state so i can’t give you informations

    1. Hi,
      can you tell me which Beta version you use for JB iOs 10.2 in hardware iCloud iPad Air2? I try so many times but no success.

  33. Hi Pavel,
    I have iPad Air 2 with 9.3.5, I update to 10.2 and wait jailbreak or stay on 9.3.5 and wait a jailbreak? Wifi and bluetooth driver will work on 10.2?

    Thank You

      1. hi, how you make jailbrake at 10.2 iOS ??, because only see jailbrake for iPhone 6s and iPad pro !!, please helpme, Thanks

  34. Hello pavel, I have a question … If you can help me, I will be happy to help the owner, and I will get to work with this great tutorial …. If I have my iPad Air 2 3gs in iOS 10.1.1, and get jailbroken. Do the wifi drivers work for this?

    Tanks Pavel

  35. Hi Pavel, I found your blog and I feel like I am very close to solving my problem. I have just sent a donation of $5.
    And I have some questions, if you could answer them, please.
    I’ve got iPad mini 1 A1455 with broken baseband modem (it just stopped working and disappeared from Settings – empty field). After upgrade from iOS 7 to iOS 9.3.5 the iPad is not starting any more. Each restore attempt fails. In the log it is visible that it cannot pass to the second stage because of communication problem with the baseband.
    Now my questions is whether you feel your methode will help and I’ll be able to restore to iOS 9.3.5. So it is not only if that would help the iPad to “forget” it has a baseband, but also if your solution will work with iOS 9.3.5.
    Many thanks in advance!
    And I hope you’ll be able to recover with your hand soon!

    1. Hi

      Thank you for donation.

      First time this method was found on old ipads where is modem is a separate board. People disconnected broken baseband, got error and than they tried to change board id and this solved problem.

      So, this method can help. Need to try

    1. Hello.

      I prefer open OS on mobile devices with expansion ports. So I use only Android. And they are cheaper.

      No sence in auto updating. You are already lucky with unlocked iPad. Do not tempt fate. 😉

  36. Hi friend, I removed the resistor r1204 on the ipad mini a1455 and the ipad does not light that I should acer friend the ipad if it restores with wifi model but it does not light

    1. You accidentally shorted out a backlight coil, IC, and/or filter. Its a common mistake that occurs when metal touches or comes close enough to cause a discharge and short out the delicate components.
      In order to repair it you will need to have SMD soldering skills. You can find people on ebay to repair it for you.

  37. Hello people 🙂

    Happy New Year!

    As you know I made long time surgery on my hand. And not all went good. Then there was the 2 months of rehabilitation. It turned out that the doctor hurt something in my hand. 🙁

    Now I have new problems and maybe will do few surgeries. So at this time I am not able contribute something new. I’m a bit in decline because of all these problems, which excruciate me for several years. 🙁

    I hope all will be fine. 🙂

  38. Bro you r rock….i’ve tried ipad 2 n ipad 3 method its relly work….will donate soon n following your community…cheers bro

  39. Hello greetings I am from venezuela and eh followed all your step in the explanations of the icloud in supported ipad models and I left perfectly well I can say that I am an expert thanks for the information mail [email protected]

  40. Wifi and Bluetooth driver for iPad Air 2 will work on iOS 10.1.1 when jailbreak will be released? Please answer me. I’m on 9.3.5, I update or stay?

  41. After bypass on ipad 3 wifi dont work…can be activated, but see the wifi networks only within 30 centimeters away from the source … I’ve already tried changing the antenna … any ideas? Thanks in advance.

      1. Hi Pavel,

        When jailbreak iOS 10 will be available, files for wifi and bluetooth driver for iPad Air 2 will work also on iOS 10 ? There are same drivers?

        Thank You

      2. Hi pavel,

        Wifi files will work also on iOS 10 when jailbreak will be release?

        I have iPad Air 2 on IOS 9.3.5, I update or I stay for wait Jailbreak?

        Thank You

  42. where did my comment go? 🙁
    so again. my bypassed ipad air wont let me load apps directly from the appstore. I always need itunes to install apps on the ipad, anyone got the same issue?

  43. After bypass appstore installation doesnt work. I always need to install the apps in itunes on my ipad air? anyone had issues like this?

  44. Hello everyone.

    I have a iPad, With the following specifications:
    Find My iPhone: ON
    iCloud Status: LOST

    The question is: Can I apply these steps for an iPad so lost?

      1. privet Pavel!! U menya Ipad air2 sdelal kak skazano na instrukcii wifi ne rabotaet. ne mogu nayti jailbrake na 9.3.5. shto podskajite?

      1. Hi Pavel ! My iPad is on iOS 9.3.5 My Wifi is currently grey’d out. JB is the only solution for replace wifi driver of my iPad Air 2? I will donate if you help me please

          1. Hi
            Confirm this informations please.
            Name: Pavel Churiumov
            Adress: 69065, Ukraine, Zaporozhie

            Today or tomorow I will send you money with Western Union after work. I live in Africa, and I will send you code in your email adress.

          2. Это верно. if they didnt donate after cloud, they wont donate after anything else. So. Makr sure that you let folks know that DONATIONS ARE HIGHLY APPRECIATED, LIKE CLOUD HIGH…

  45. Hello. I have ipad 2 model A1396 with ios9.2.1. Its icloud locked. Im interested in if i bypass icloud by the way that you say will it works with all?? I mean will gsm works??

  46. All icloud locked Ipads that are not cellular can be unlocked now. The service is offered on ebay by more then one seller. Some how they are able to bypass icloud with only the serial number of the wifi Ipad.

  47. My iPad is on iOS 9.3.5 and I wait Jailbreak of iOS 9.3.5 for fix it. My Wifi is currently grey’d out. Somone know when jaibreak of iOS 9.3.5 will be release for replace wifi driver of my iPad Air 2? Thanks Michel Stephane

    1. Yes its normal, because iPad Wifi don’t have GPS. After the unlock, your iPad becomes a ipad wifi, so you lose GPS.

  48. hello , you have find any solution for ipad air 2 unlock it from icloud and fix the wifi on ios 9.3.4?? ipad is stuck on dfu mode with ios 9.3.1 but after restore from itunes the ios 9.3.3 show error 3194 , maybe last firmuware relase is 9.3.5 and , 93.4 can instal only in ipad.
    who can help us?


    1. ok, you have to restore to 9.3.5, but do it quickly. Then downgrade to 9.3.4. This will only work as long as apple has signed 9.3.4 and who knows how long that will last. After that, maybe semi jailbreak and try to replace wifi driver files after that? I’m not sure… But I WAS able to downgrade to 9.3.4 from 9.3.5. If there was only a way to trick iTunes into thinking 9.3.3 was signed…

    1. Hi

      People don’t donate in this year. So, lets they make bypass for new devices themself 🙁

      If you made high detailed photos I will share this photo to other people. Maybe somebody will spend time to make bypass

      1. Pavel – I am broke, otherwise I would help by donating. Instead, I will help by sharing my success or failure with the community. When I get some money, I will donate. Thank you.

        1. My iPad Air 2 is on iOS 9.3.5 version, how can I do jailbreak for replace Wifi driver or do downgrade to iOS 9.3.2, Does the jailbreak iOS 9.3.5 has a chance to get out?

  49. Hi there. Can I unlock ipad 2 3G by this method if it’s with ios 9.3? Or I should wait for any inlocked version of ios? Thank you

  50. hello , i make all step but not find in cyndia the app afc2add and i can not trasfer the bypass file to wifi folder.
    how can help me ?


  51. Hi everyone i have problem with ipad 2 3g by mistake i remove the resistor r1204 ..and now ipad is detecting as iphone and no software for this iphone error in itunes so i need help how to solve it out for ipad 2 3g i want to remove r1205 but by mistake i remove the r1204 so please guide me asap or email me solution ([email protected]) thanks in advanced