Some things for testing PS4 jailbreak, exploits and hacks

Some tests, exploits, apps and hardware mods to find holes in PS4 security. Myabe this will help with PS4  jailbreak.

I’m not a developer of these things. I just try to help people run it on their PS4. And if you have something to test than share it and I will publish it here.

Software for PS4

Applications, scripts and OS for ps4. Maybe this will help to jailbreak PS4 amd make CFW with homebrews for PS4 .

Interesting Apps for PS4

Some ready things which you can run on your PS4 and take fun. Some works only on Hacked PS4.

JavaScript NES emulator

Run JNES emulator – tested on FW 3.15-3.50. For now controls from DualShock 4 don’t work and I don’t know how get keyCode from JavaScript event object without root access and jailbreak 🙁

Sourse on GitHub

How to install and run Linux on PS4

Linux is a Unix-like and mostly POSIX-compliant computer operating system (OS) assembled under the model of free and open-source software development and distribution.

For firmware 1.76:

Driver, kexes and other you can find in fail0verflow’s github



Webkit Exploits for tests on PS4

Let’s help developers to test the possible holes in PS4 security. If success write to developers and share info: revision cuh-1ххх, fw X.XX, result … .

Exploits for PS4 with FW 3.15-3.50 (by zecoxao)

Other exploits were deleted from network.

Browser crash on FW 3.50:


Finished Webkit exploits for PS4

Maybe this is a first steps to custom firmware with homebrews on PS4

Firmware Exploits
1.76  Need link
2.03 – less than 2.50 CVE 2014-1303 (same WebKit exploit used on Vita with 3.36 and below)

Some interesting info about hacking PS4

Cturt articles about PS4:

Manuals about hacking PS4 through webkit browser exploits:

Code sources:

You can find many interestinf things on



Hardware for PS4

ps4 motherboard

PS4 PS4-SAA-001 diagram

ps4 diagram


Brazilian method of copying games

Little later…


Interesting things about PS4 hardware

The dependence of the chips and the inability to downgrade the firmware. Little later…


P.S. This page was made with no respect to Sony – the greatest remasters makers

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6 thoughts on “Some things for testing PS4 jailbreak, exploits and hacks

  1. I tested Webkit Test Exploit #1 and #2 on Ps4 FW 4.05 CUH-1216A and they both work. “There is not enough free system memory”.

  2. Please remove the PoC files here. This would just lead to a quicker patch, further limiting the affected firmwares.

    1. I took it all from public open places: sites and social networks. So Sony already knew all off this. And most of them is already patched even in old 3.15 FW.

      No sence to delete. And еhis can be the inspiration for other developers to take the next step or rework this code