How to unlock iCloud locked Apple iPad 2, 3, 4, iPad Air and Air 2, iPad mini 1, 2, 3, 4, iPad 12.9 and 9.7


This method will help you bypass iCloud on locked iPads. At this moment it works with Apple iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad 4, iPad Air,  iPad mini,  iPad mini 2, iPad Air 2, iPad mini 3, iPad mini 4, iPad Pro 12.9, iPad Pro 9.7 which is locked by service iCloud. Include locked through “Lost and erased” mode.

After this you will can install any apps on your iCloud free iPad, make jailbreak, assign your own Apple ID account  and do any other things.

Here you can read manual to bypass iCloud on model of your iPad:

If you are looking for a way to unlock the iCloud on iPad Wi-Fi Only, iPhone or iPod, then read this article: How to bypass iCloud on iPad WiFi, iPad Cellular, iPhone and iPod




Этот метод поможет вам снять iCloud на заблокированных iPad. Метод работает с iCloud locked Apple iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad 4, iPad Air,  iPad mini,  iPad mini 2, iPad Air 2 и iPad mini 3, iPad mini 4, iPad Pro 12.9, iPad Pro 9.7, которые заблокированы через сервис iCloud. Включительно с заблокированный через режим “Lost and erased”.

После этого вы сможете установить любые приложения на освобожденный от iCloud iPad, сделать jailbreak, назначить собственный Apple ID и делать любые другие операции.

Здесь вы можете прочитать инструкцию по разблокировке iCloud на вашей модели iPad:

Если вы ищите способ разблокировки iCloud на iPad Wi-Fi, iPhone или iPod, тогда прочтите эту статью: How to bypass iCloud on iPad WiFi, iPad Cellular, iPhone and iPod

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1,284 thoughts on “How to unlock iCloud locked Apple iPad 2, 3, 4, iPad Air and Air 2, iPad mini 1, 2, 3, 4, iPad 12.9 and 9.7

  1. So, if I understand this correctly, there is no hardware bypass for the WiFi iPad 2 model? Only for the 3g model?


  2. thank pavel
    i can’t download file for wifi
    i am from morocco i dont have permission for donate but when i go in italia december i make a donation

  3. hi pavel got a really good question i got a ipad air gsm a1475 i removed the resistor r1506 BUT with the battery conected does that afect the process because she turns on fine and everytihng but ones i try to restore with the wifi ips the itunes tells me that that firmware its not for that model give me a hand there sir am from venezuela its on 9.1

    1. No only version 9.0.2 because when you need to jailbreak the device, pangu needs the firmware to be 9.0.2 but do it quick before Apple stops support for 9.0.2 get the wifi only firmware for air 2 from In iTunes hold the shift key when you click restore to select the firmware you downloaded from but do this after you made jumper.

  4. Pavel iPad Air 2 bypassed and got wifi working. I guess all I had to do was make jumper. No need to remove any resistors. As for your question I emailed you back

    1. You probably botched the job. Make sure no solder smeared anywhere else on the logic board also make sure your screen connection is good. Disconnect battery unplug digitizer and plug it back in.

  5. can anyone answer me 2 direct questions? read comments, but there´s too much confusion on it.

    1) does wifi work or not after this mod?
    2) does it work in ios9?

    thanks a lot

      1. thanks a lot for super fast answer. just one doubt though… if wifi works, and ios9 works as well, why turn off software updates?

  6. I understand pasha doesn’t have the information but I am reading the comments on here that people have done it on the iPad Air 2 GSM. I am willing to trade information with you, if you can tell me where the resistors are located for board_id on the iPad Air 2 GSM model, I will tell you how to do it on the iPad wifi only model. I have done it on wifi only models.

      1. Not for the iPad Air 2, all it says is to find the resistors responsible for board_id. If anyone that has unlocked a iPad Air 2 can help me find these resistors I will pay you $100 USD. No bullshit.

          1. Pavel, I want to donate but I can’t through PayPal or visa swift. How can I donate right now? Worst comes to worst I’ll go buy a pre paid Visa card and make a new PayPal account. I’m not one of those people that says I’m going to donate but don’t donate. I’m a programmer that lives in Silicon Valley and I make good money. I work for oracle. So don’t worry, you will be seeing a donation from me because you damn well deserve it. I will post proof of donation on here or on GSM forum.

              1. Okay no problem. I can teach you few things if you ever have any questions about programming. If you’re just learning, I really recommend learning Python. It’s a very versatile language that can be used for a lot of things.

          1. Let’s don’t spend time on quarreling. 😉 I hear such promises almost each day. Maybe 1 from 100 will donate.

            And he successfully bypassed iCloud on his iPad Air 2. He wrote about this on GSM-forum. 🙂

  7. Can someone please tell me where the resistors for board_id are located in the iPad Air 2? I can’t find any schematic online for the air 2 I only found a schematic for the iPad Air.

  8. Is there any solution to unlock icloud on iPad Air 2 wifi only ? I will donate 20$ for any help. Thanks btw, great page

  9. This method works on iPad 2 gsm for iOS 9.0.2 wifi. Thanks. Even with a broken power button. The screen goes black during restore but it worked fine after completion.

  10. Hi Pavel. Great website man and thank you for all that you do.
    I’m new to this since the last time I hacked iOS was back in like 2008 or something.

    I’m just wondering if anyone has figured out a legit way to bypass iCloud on Wifi only iPads. Mines is model a 1566

    I seen that its possible with cellular versions just wondering if there is any progress on Wifi only versions. Thanks.

  11. Hi
    I’m a little bit confused.
    I have iPad Air 2 bypassed on iOS 9.0.2 everything work as it should but after few hours it goes to recovery mode and iTunes is trying to download GSM version of software.
    After first time when that happened , I opened iPad again and redone jumper, but it happened again. Looks like if I disconnect battery for few minutes everything is fine and “jumper ” is working again, no need to restore iPad. When iPad is in recovery mode reset by holding sleep and home button doesn’t work, only disconnecting battery makes “jumper” to work again.
    Any ideas?
    Any help would be really appreciated

  12. hi there…i bought an ipad 3 3g and ipad 4 for 100$ both, but these two are iCloud locked…can i do anything to unlock them???

  13. hola a todos ya quedo el ipad air 2 me costo uno y la mitad del otro pero ya esta muchas gracias pavel espero pronto hacerte una donacion si quieren ayuda contactame

      1. I’ve used online repository with Internet connection through Bluetooth, found it quicker and I think a little bit easier

          1. How abour wifi driver for ipad air2? All works well unless the wifi cannot be turn on. The driver must be replace with what ? Please share the info. Much thanks

  14. Success in bypassing my ipad 4 a1460 thank you, damaged my flex cable for home button + the digitiser but replaced all and im happy

  15. Hi , I have done the procedure in cases AIR2 for wifi, but does not recognize the source afc2 therefore ifile terminal is closed and does not appear I can do to fix this

    1. We have same problem. i Think new version of afc2 1.2 we need. old one is not supported wit ios 9. Farko odakle si ti ?

  16. I ve unlock my ipad 3 a 1430 cutting r1204, after it enter in dfu mode and i install 9.0.2 ios. after it restarts i arrive to see the process to chose wifi network and create an account. the ipad havve just 2 percent battery. after i try to charger but never goes on. i think ipad get hot near dock charging and logic board. have someone any idea what happen ?


    ps: sorry for my poor English

  17. Hello and I I have the jailbreak, but not intale files mereconoce the new repository will have help please video to help do the same .

  18. I Upgraded my ipad air 2 to ios 9 today after seen the jailbreak notice. I use a clean install of ios 9.0.2 (problems with the last jailbreak), for enter the sandbox i used ifunbox and Apple file conduit “2” tweak. Finally i put the files for ios 8.4 and its works… Thanks again Pavel 🙂

    1. Hi Rafael. I have a iPad Air 2 but WiFi only mine is model a 1566 with iCloud activation lock….

      Can I do the same thing you did? If so can you direct me to a tutorial? Any help is much appreciated.

  19. Hi, I just did a iPad Air 3G and everything works perfectly. Also those this also work on iPad Air wifi model? Thanks Pavel, and I will donate soon.

  20. hi pavel i need you help
    mi ipad air 2 a1567, and I followed all the steps, but i have a problem whit wifi,
    no start, terminate the bypass and can pass data by Bluetooth but want to know if there is already a solcuion please help

  21. Hi there. I’ve got Ipad 3 CDMA from Swappa’s bone yard. It did say it was Icloud locked. But stumbled upon your site, and took a risk to buy it, cause i was pretty confident i can desolder components. Long story short, thing came, i opened it, and to my surprise those 2 resistors were already removed. So, now theoretically, I shouldov had Ipad 3 WiFi. I tried to flash firmware to wiFi, and every time it is giving me error : “The iPad “iPad” could not be restored because firmware file is not compatible” And i tried all of the cersions from 5.1 to 9.0.2 . Could you advise please? You probably had something like that in your practice. Than you!

  22. Hello please advice according to the instructions I made ipad air 2 a1567 after connecting to iTunes in DFU mode, iTunes announced that it is connected iPhone, and can not install what I should do please help.

  23. Hello please advice according to the instructions I made ipad mini 3 a1601 after connecting to iTunes in DFU mode, iTunes announced that it is connected iPhone, and can not install what I should do please help.

  24. problem solved the antena wifi was disconnected..

    bluetooh and wifi are working ok , in ipad 2 cdma a1397 with ios 9.0.2 bypassed icloud by hardware method

  25. Hi again Pavel, I waited more than a week to try activate FaceTime and iMessage, but it doesn’t work. I tried login with a new ID, but it still doesn’t work. Does that mean I’ll never have those services? Do you have a theory why this happens?
    :v thx

  26. I have a iPhone 4 and a ipad mini 1st Gen wifi only. My ipad is locked I was plotting on switching the NAND flash chips. I’m not and expert on this stuff but What exactly will this do? Does is switch the serial number I really have nothing to loose here just experimenting.

  27. Hay fellas !!! , I have an iPad Air 2 A1567 , I made the procedure and ipad entered DFU mode , but when i load the IOS iTunes tells me that the software is not compatible , help please

    1. You have to load the WIFI software version (ipad air 2 A1566) ipsw file. Try to install ios 8.4.1 version before apple stops signing it, because you will need jailbreak to load wifi drivers and jb for 8.4.1 is coming soon.

  28. hello pavel i cleaned place and disconnect battery for 1 hour, my ipad will not start and nothing happen when i connect device to my laptop.
    I removed the resistor without solder iron i broken it maybe i destroy the motherboard ?

  29. hi i try today to remove r1506 on my ipad air a1475 and i don’t know what i made my device don’t start and unrecognized by itunes i understand nothing ! my ipad is DEAD ?

      1. ha ok maybe i made a jumper ok i try to clear and how many time i disconnect battery ? a few days or hours ? thanks i hope this solution will resolve my problem .

  30. hello pavel
    please i cant get the right resistor on ipad air wifi A1474 that why i ask for the video if possible. am ready to donated for the project if you can help ..i don’t know why you dont reply my comment…

  31. Does anyone know where the serial is stored in an iPad air? I’m trying to think of ways to bypass the wifi only models and came up with the conclusion that swapping the chips that hold the serials (between locked wifi iPads and locked cellular iPads) might do the trick because of how their activation works… Anyone with any ideas?

    1. Serial is stored in NAND flash chip. You can switch this chip from dead not locked in icloud ipads air. Also nand chips from some iPhones can be used too.

      I have no more info about chips from iPhones. People don’t want share this info with me for free and people almost don’t donate me to pay for this info

  32. hi all i want to try this bypass on ipad air cellular to remove resistor 1506 but i have a question when i will restore my device with ios 9 , only blutooth still work ? not wifi ? thanks pavel for your work 😉

          1. For me the easier ipad to bypass is the air 2, because it can be bypassed by only making a bridge (pencil or solder). And you can revert it by unsoldering or cleaning the pencil with isopropolic alcohol…

            Yes, after you need to wait jailbreak to install wifi drivers…

            I have only bypassed my air 2, but I’ve changed 2 o 3 touch screens from ‘normal’ ipads and it’s a mess. Too much glue. There was much, MUCH less glue on my air 2. It was very easy to take apart the display.

  33. I have an IPad 2 3G but cannot find the R1205 resistor. In the space it should be there never looks like anything was ever there.

    1. what if your ipad 2 3g was already bypassed and now relocked as an ipad 2 wifi? is there a ‘NO SIM’ message in activation screen?

  34. Hi again, it works perfect, I had some problems when I tried to remove the resistor in my iPad Air, so I had to destroy it because is very very small, but everything is fine, but I can’t activate FaceTime and iMessages after a week from bypassing, do you have some idea? I promise I will donate when I get paid, maybe next week. Thank you very much!

    1. It’s a mistery. Imessage works fine in my bypassed air 2, but facetime doesn’t. For some people both works after a week. Also, skype didn´t work for me. Try with a new apple ID..

  35. Hi Pavel,
    Thank you for your hard work. I have an iPad Mini 2 A1490 and want to remove icloud through your method. On the logic board in position 3 there is no soldered resistor. In position 4 there is a soldered resistor. According to your instructions, I should remove the resistors from position 3 and 4, and make a jumper in position 2. Is there a problem not having a resistor in position 3? Can I go further?

  36. Hi, thanks for your research, at this time I will make a donation, and I like to have the solution for iphone ipad wifi and, if they have already

  37. Hi ! I tried ios 9.1 beta on air 2. Bluetooth works, wifi doesn’t work. Just updates for ipad pro and a new middlefinger emoji . Best update ever….(sarcasm)

  38. You are the best,all schematics are perfect. iPad 3 retina, iPad mini,iPad mini retina unlocked and perfect.only FaceTime and iMessage had problem…goodjob

    1. 🙂

      Can’t help with facetime & iMessage. Sometimes it works and sometimes doesn’t. I wrote about this in FAQ. But this is better than iCloud locked iPad

      If I have some iPads I can try to find solution. But I haven’t. To expensive in my country.

      1. hi do you know if these methods work with the ipad 3 WIFI only a1416??? I noticed there are NO resistors in those locations on my board..

  39. Hello, did al the instructions. Used lead pencil to draw the jumper on position 2. Did full manual recovery to 8.4.1 everything worked fine, but didn’t have screen connected. After putting it all back together. iPad in boot recovery. I can’t restore to iOS 8.4.1 anymore, and now only does dfu or infinite reboot. IPad mini 2 retina A1490 and used correct wifi only ipsw 8.4.1. Manual or automated recovery do not work. It’s stuck at the apple logo with progress bar underneath, and it doesn’t progress any (0 progress) then it reboots back to DFU.

    Please help

        1. In my original post, I meant Recovery instead of DFU. I now know DFU is when the screen is black but itunes still recognizes it. Do you think there is a difference in which mode I should use to try to restore to IOS 9 ?

          1. Just tried using Latest Pangu from official website, they have a restore option. It works through the process as itunes does to restore to IOS 8.4.1 but it tells you the processes that are running. It apparently stops at: “sending ROOTTICKET not succeeded”. Any idea how to fix this ?

            Thank you in advance

            1. IOS 9 restore Unsuccessful in iTunes or Pangu Latest. I think I officially own a brick, I at least had DNS bypass before 🙁

              Any help is much welcomed.

              1. In conclusion, iTunes and Pangu, only let me restore to 8.4.1 but the ipad had 7.1.2 before. Pangu Says: “sending ROOTTICKET not succeeded”
                iTunes Says: ” Error 9″

                Any help?

                or is it a paperweight?

  40. hello, excuse my English He has made air bridge ipad 2gsm, put in DFU. when connected to iTunes tells me right now there is no software for this iPad. and actualize iTunes.

    down version of iTunes, download ipsw all GSM and WiFi., but not always restored This software is not compatible with this iPad. any suggestions ? antemanos ,,,,,, thanks to all wen forum

  41. Hola ,ipad air2 gsm ,
    Restore iTunes – en estos momentos no hay software para este iPad
    Manual Restore – este software no es compatible

            1. Actually iphone can’t share wifi through bluetooth, only celular data. (jailbreak needed for wifi sharing). So I’m doing it thought laptop sharing to ipad. I’ve tried android phone and ipad says that it’s an incompatible device. Yes, bluetooth is ‘fine’ for web surfing and youtube, gives me 175kb/s bandwidth. For app install is better to use a pc and then sync.

              1. i can confirm it can, at least on my jailbroken iPhone when teathering. You can share any connection that your iphone is currently using either via usb cable, wifi hotspot or bluetooth

  42. Hello guys. I have a ipad mini 2 i brought it second hand and it has an icloud id which is i dont know. How can i open my ipad? Thanks in advance

  43. hello , perform the procedure in a iPad Air 2 GSM , iPad enters DFU but when will restore iTunes tells me it’s not the software it help me please

  44. iPad 2.2 ios 4.8.1 Model A1396 (GSM) remove the resistor r1205 how to check point on R1205 not showimg number on ipad motherboard any resistor R1205 plz help me prossior A5 chip

  45. Hi, I have an iPad AIR2 A1567 cloud, I read your solution I placed it right in the Covenant but I try to do update to iTunes allows me to make it and I send a message like this: “Software for this iPad is not Currently available .Make sure your have the lates version of iTunes and try again “. I mention that the version of software I downloaded iTunes 8.4 and 8.3 and version 8.4.1 and gives me erroare wifi and it is not fair carefully what to do?

  46. Greetings, Today I tried to do a Bypass on an iPad 2 3g A1396 by removing the resistor r1205 (I restore it with iPad 2 WIFI firmware and no errors, I restore it before conecting the touch and lcd) but when I reassemble it it powers on rightway but with no ligth and wont load the apple logo just turn the screen on like it was sleeping, also the power button wont do anything.. I manage to activate it with no problem.. whats wrong =( I just want an iPad….

      1. hello , perform the procedure in a iPad Air 2 GSM , iPad enters DFU but when will restore iTunes tells me it’s not the software it, help me please

  47. When I go to remove the resistor on iPad Air, do I need remove the battery and place it again when the resistor is removed? Or i don’t remove the battery?

  48. Hi I have a problem make the bridge to the AIR2 cases but are no longer signing IOS 8.4 and IOS 8.4.1 and I have no jailbreak com can activate the wifi without Sydia

  49. Hi sir!! Sucess bypass for ipad air gsm , but after 3 minutes turns off and then on. What should i do?? Thanks sir pavelfor your hard work and yes i will make a ” small” donation because you deserve. Thanks

  50. Little update: iPad Air 1475, unlocked using this method a few months ago. I have already made a small donation. So far so good the only problem is that iMessages and FaceTime can’t activate. I have tried many things, I even upgraded from IOS 8.3 to IOS 8.4.1 but the problem is still there. I guess this is something to do with the way activation is working. Although the iPad 3G is recognised as IPad wifi only by iTunes and the wifi firmware is installed when I go to settings it still shows the model number of iPad Air 3G. Some people here said that they managed to activate FaceTime/iMessages. I am really curious if someone can share some experience. Thanks.

      1. Yes I have read the FAQ many times. After trying 2-3 months and trying different Apple IDs FaceTime still not working.

  51. Hello guys.Please help.I have ipad air 2 lte(bought it with hardware bypass,but didn`t know until now) and after a restore in itunes the wifi and bluetooth greyed out.My luch is that i was able to quickly downgrade to 8.4 (until the apple block yesterday) and now with the jailbreak i can remake the wifi conection.One quick question,i tried using pp for jb as it states it that guide but didn`t work,it stars something and quickly stops .I don`t understand the message is in chinese.Can i use taig ? I want to assure first because i have like one bullet with this situation …..if i screw something then i only have the restore option …but in my case the restore is basicaly a dead end (because ios 8.4.1 doesn`t support jb,and of course without jb there is no wifi repair and so on … )Thanks in advance.I`m willing to donate 5 euros tommorow ….
    Hope to hear asap.

  52. Hi, ipad 2 3g after remove r1205 I get an error 3194 dan 3004 , has been trying to edit the hosts , still remains the same .now still DFU mode and using the firmware ipad 2 for wifi. Please help me

  53. HI Fellas, going on following me , I have an iPad iPad Air 2 a1575 model , perform the procedure and physical ipad enters DFU well but when I load the IOS tells me that is not compatible with this device, which can be !!!

  54. are u sure about the ipad mini resistors cause i remove r1204 and 1205 and jump r1205 as requested. After that itunes says “internal program not compatible”, the ipad is recognized by itunes as “ipad” but when i charge the ipad mini wifi iOS, the message on above appears. I suspect your procedure, i mean that the resistors desciribed are the good ?

  55. hi pasha, i understand your concern, you dedicated a lot of time and effort but the people are not gentle enough to donate you, i’m about to open a bussines in my country (Dominican Republic) the “icloud unlock” for iphones will be really atraction for the customers, if you are willing to create an icloud removal for iphones, i’ will be more than happy to donate you for everytime we unlock one, and i’m also willing to make a conctract to prove you my commiment