If you are tired of draining your Sony DualShock 4 battery quickly or bouncing light off your controller on your TV screen you can permanently turn off the backlight on all platforms where you use the Sony DualShock 4. To do this we need to disassemble the Sony DualShock 4 and cover the ribbon cables that power the Sony DualShock 4 LED.

What version of Sony DualShock 4 do you have?

There are 2 versions of the Sony DualShock 4. The second version has a light strip above the touch panel.

dualshock 4 v2

Disassemble Sony DualShock 4

Sony DualShock 4 Version 1 (PlayStation 4 Fat) teardown


Sony DualShock 4 Gen 4 Version 2 (PlayStation 4 Slim, Pro) teardown


Turn off Sony DualShock 4 backlight

To turn off the backlight tape the contacts marked in red.

dualshock 4 light scheme

Insert the Sony DualShock 4 flex cable back into the connector.

I recommend connecting your Sony DualShock 4 to your PlayStation 4 to check if your controller is charging.

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