Here you can find manuals and software for hacking PS4 and running your applications, games, Linux and other stuff.

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PS4 Hacking Status

Here is status of public PS4 hacks without rumors.

Firmware version Hack status Hack problems
5.07 Unstable. Hacked but have some problems. Also you can lose hack on these firmware through PS4 crash. You can lose your game progress (saves) any time through PS4 crash.

After hard crash you can’t reflash 5.07 from recovery to restore your PS4. You will have to update your PS4 to higher firmare without hack

5.05 Unstable. Hacked but have some problems. You can lose your game progress (saves) any time through PS4 crash.
4.55 Stable hack.
4.05 Stable hack.


Software for PS4 hacking

Applications, scripts and OS for ps4. Maybe this will help to jailbreak PS4 amd make CFW with homebrews for PS4 .

Offline hacking from local PC

You can hack PS4 from PC in same local network.

How to use

  1. Run ps4-exploit-host.exe.
  2. If all is ok you will see something like this:
    Servers are running
    Your DNS IP is
  3. Put your PC IP ( in example) in DNS setting in Internet connection on your PS4
  4. Run Guide on your PS4 and you will see page with hacks on PS4 Guide page
  5. Run PS4 hack which you need. “There is not enough free system memory” errors while loading the exploit page are normal, restart your PS4 if you get a lot (10-20) of them in a row.

If you have problem with running app on PC

  • Check if you installed Python 3 on your PC (
  • Path to ps4-exploit-host.exe should contain Latin characters and digits only.
  • Disable other networking apps that may interfere with the script if you get port errors (Skype, Discord, Torrent Clients, XAMPP, Firewalls, etc).


Offline hacking with ESP8266 WiFi board

With ESP8266 WiFi board you can host hack for ps4 locally without connection to Internet. This will prevent PS4 from updating on new firmware and sending reports to Sony servers. This is the safest way.

With one ESP8266 WiFi board for PS4 hacking you can hack as much PS4 as you want at the same time.

Buy ESP8266 WiFi board with at least 4Mb rom and microusb port for flashing. Some examples:


How to use ESP8266 WiFi board for PS4 hacking

  1. Flash your ESP8266 WiFi board for PS4 hacking.
  2. Insert it in PS4 USB port (for power supply) or any other device with USB power supply.
  3. Establish wireless connection to wireless AP on your ESP8266 WiFi board for PS4 hacking. Setting up DNS port in PS4 network setting is most important.
  4. Run Guide from PS4 settings. If all is ok you will see page with hacks for PS4.
  5. Run hacks whick you need.

ESP8266 firmwares for offline hacking

You can choice one of these firmwares for your ESP8266 WiFi board for PS4 hacking. Don’t worry. You can flash another firmwares with hacks anytime.

For 5.05 firmware:

For 4.05 – 4.55 firmware:

How to flash ESP8266 WiFi board for PS4

Drivers for ESP8266 WiFi board:С

Flashing app NodeMCU PyFlasher:

  1. Install drivers for ESP8266 WiFi board for PS4
  2. Run NodeMCU PyFlasher
  3. Choose Serial port of your ESP8266 WiFi board for PS4. You can find it in Windows Device Manager. Most times it’s COM4.
  4. Choose bin file with your firmware in “NodeMCU Firmware”
  5. Baud rate – 115200
  6. Flash mode – Dual I/O (DIO)
  7. Erase flash – yes, wipe all data
  8. Press “Flash NodeMCU” and wait for text “Done” in console.
  9. Disconnect ESP8266 WiFi board for PS4 from PC

Finished Webkit exploits for PS4

Maybe this is a first steps to custom firmware with homebrews on PS4

Firmware Exploits
1.76  Need link
2.03 – less than 2.50 CVE 2014-1303 (same WebKit exploit used on Vita with 3.36 and below)

Some interesting info about hacking PS4

Cturt articles about PS4:

Manuals about hacking PS4 through webkit browser exploits:

Code sources:

You can find many interestinf things on



PS4 Hardware

ps4 motherboard

PS4 PS4-SAA-001 diagram

ps4 diagram


Brazilian method of copying games

Little later…


Interesting things about PS4 hardware

The dependence of the chips and the inability to downgrade the firmware. Little later…


P.S. This page was made with no respect to Sony – the greatest remasters makers