Here you can find manuals and software for jailbreak PS4, running games, emulators, custom applications and Linux

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Description of jailbreak on PlayStation 4

Opportunities with jailbreak on PlayStation 4

Jailbreak on PlayStation 4 lets you:

  • run free downloaded games;
  • use mods and cheat codes in games, as well as save games belonging to other players;
  • run third-party applications. For example, emulators of other game consoles;
  • run the Linux operating system on the PlayStation 4: work with office programs or play games from the Steam store;
  • adjust some hidden PlayStation 4 settings. For example, the speed of the cooling fan.

How jailbreak works on PlayStation 4

Jailbreak on PlayStation 4 disables the license check system for the launched application or code. This allows any software that has not been signed by Sony to run on the PlayStation 4.

Disables the PlayStation 4 license verification system occurs through vulnerabilities in the code of the web browser and the kernel of the PlayStation 4 system.

Jailbreak on PlayStation 4 must be activated every time you turn on and restart your console.

PlayStation 4 Jailbreak Security

Disabling the PlayStation 4 license verification system is temporary and does not require modifying the console – you keep the warranty on the PlayStation 4 with a jailbreak.

The most dangerous thing that can happen is the blocking of the console on the PlayStation Network online. But this never happened.

To completely eliminate the possibility of this, it is better to use offline jailbreak methods using a separate ESP board that does not have Internet access.