Offline Jailbreak on PlayStation 4 with ESP WiFi Board

A WiFi hotspot will work on the ESP board to which your PlayStation 4 will connect for Jailbreak.

If you are using Jailbreak with the ability to cache Jailbreak content (the code is saved in the PlayStation 4 memory), then after applying the caching, you can disconnect the ESP board from the power. The cached code for the PlayStation 4 Jailbreak will automatically load when you open your web browser or user manual.

For this method, you need to buy an ESP8266 WiFi board with at least 4MB memory. Better to buy LoLin V3 NodeMcu Lua based on ESP-12 chip.


Drivers for ESP8266:С

NodeMCU PyFlasher program for writing ESP8266 firmware:

Firmware for ESP for PlayStation 4 Jailbreak

Jailbreak Firmware for PlayStation 4 with firmware 7.02

Jailbreak Firmware for PlayStation 4 with firmware 6.72

Jailbreak firmware for PlayStation 4 with firmware 5.05 or 5.07

Jailbreak firmware for PlayStation 4 with firmware 4.05 or 4.55


Write Firmware to ESP8266 Board for Jailbreak on PlayStation 4

  1. Connect the ESP8266 board to the computer;
  2. Install the driver for ESP8266;
    Driver installation
  3. Look in the Windows Device Manager in the COM and LPT ports the COM port number of your ESP8266 board;
  4. Launch NodeMCU PyFlasher;
  5. Select the downloaded firmware bin-file in the file selection field in NodeMCU PyFlasher;
  6. Do not change the Baud rate and Flash mode settings;
  7. Change the value of the Erase flash setting to “yes, wipes all data”;
  8. Press the button “Flash NodeMCU” and wait for the inscription “Done” to appear in the console;
  9. Disconnect the board.

You now have a WiFi board with a Jailbreak code on your PlayStation 4.

You can plug it into any USB port on your PlayStation 4 or other device using a cable to supply power to it.

Make Jailbreak on PlayStation 4 using ESP

The ESP firmware description has information about the WiFi network in this firmware.

  1. In the PlayStation 4 network settings (Settings – Network – Establish an Internet connection – WiFi connection – Simple) select this WiFi network.
  2. After connecting to the WiFi network of the ESP board go to Settings – User Manual.
  3. To activate Jailbreak on PlayStation 4 for example with firmware 5.05 using keeperdy firmware press the HEN 2.1.4 button. On PlayStation 4 with 6.72 and 7.02 use HEN, PS4JB or Mira for Jailbreak.
  4. After applying Jailbreak on PlayStation 4 close the window.

I also recommend pressing the “CACHE” button to save the PlayStation 4 Jailbreak code to the console’s memory.

Execute ADDITIONAL TOOLS – FW UPDATE BLOCKER – Disable Updates to disable automatic update of the PlayStation 4 firmware.