Offline Jailbreak on PlayStation 4 using PC

PlayStation 4 and PC with Jailbreak must be in same local network

How to use Jailbreak on PC

  1. Run ps4-exploit-host.exe.
    If all is ok you will see something like this:
    Servers are running
    Your DNS IP is
  2. Put your PC’s IP ( in example) in DNS setting in Internet connection on your PlayStation 4;
  3. Run User Guide on your PS4 and you will see page with hacks on PS4 Guide page;
  4. Run PS4 hack which you need. “There is not enough free system memory” errors while loading the exploit page are normal, restart your PS4 if you get a lot (10-20) of them in a row.

If you have problem with running app on PC

  • Check if you installed Python 3 on your PC (
  • Path to ps4-exploit-host.exe should contain Latin characters and digits only.
  • Disable other networking apps that may interfere with the script if you get port errors (Skype, Discord, Torrent Clients, XAMPP, Firewalls, etc).