hdmi switch

Do you want to connect multiple HDMI devices to a monitor or TV with only one HDMI-port? Do not worry. HDMI-switch will help you solve this problem.

There are advanced HDMI-switch with a large number of HDMI-inputs and outputs. They allow you to connect multiple monitors, TVs and projectors. Also there is active HDMI-switch with external power and passive without power supply. External power supply is needed in order to amplify the outputting signal. Also HDMI-switches support different resolutions.



I wanted to connect to the monitor 3 devices (PC, Sony Playstation 3 and android tablet), but monitor has only 1 HDMI. In the search for a solution I visited aliexpress site and found Mini HDMI-switch 301.

hdmi-switch top

hdmi-switch bottom

This passive switch has 3 inputs and 1 output. Supports HDMI 1.4 and output resolution up to 1080p. On Aliexpress in China it costs only $ 2.55 and in Ukraine – $12+.



I really liked that the device itself automatically switches to the operating source.

Internal logicboard of this HDMI-swicth:

hdmi-swicth logicboard

HDMI-switch works fine even with HDMI->DVI cable, HDCP on PS3 and does not heat up.

Also, the previous version of this HDMI-switch was modified and external power was added. Read more about it here: Upgrade a Passive HDMI Switch with 5V Power