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Attention! Scammers created websites on my behalf

Please read this post. It’s important. 😉


In August of this year, I received threats from a man in my city after I had refused to sell him the goods, because Dmitry Vezhikovsky (Дмитрий Вержиковский  verydima, has a very-very bad reputation.


Before that, Dmitry Vezhikovsky (Дмитрий Вержиковский  verydima, often insulted the ukrainian forums participants.


Link to the comment on the forum


Link to the comment on the forum

There were also a lot of personal threats to me. That someone will find me and punish me. The next day Dmitry Vezhikovsky (Дмитрий Вержиковский  verydima, seodima) apologized and said that he was drunk.


I did not respond to an apology. I did not want to provoke this very strange person.

A few days later I found a huge number of threats and insults from Dmitry Vezhikovsky (Дмитрий Вержиковский  verydima, seodima from on the Internet. Dmitry Vezhikovsky (Дмитрий Вержиковский  verydima, seodima) promised to create sites with my data.


Full page with all messages

Dmitry Vezhikovsky (Дмитрий Вержиковский  verydima, seodima) also wrote that he paid money to punish me and my family.


Link to the comment on the forum

Dmitry’s Vezhikovsky (Дмитрий Вержиковский  verydima, seodima) reputation in Russian and Ukrainian on forum of my city:

2 Sites of Scammers

I recently came across strange sites on the Internet. Now on the Internet there are 2 new scam sites.

The first site of Scammers

The first site was registered on August 31, 2017. The same days when Dmitry Vezhikovsky (Дмитрий Вержиковский  verydima, seodima) started to write a huge number of threats to me.


The owner of says that he is me. At some moment the site posted financial data to raise funds. I think that they will use sites for collecting money for new methods and instructions. This is a lie. The site is not mine. Do not send any money.

They placed some kind of Visa card. But my bank manager said that my last last Visa card was deactivated 3 years ago. I only have MasterCard.

The second site of Scammers

The second site was created on September 3, 2017. The same days when Dmitry Vezhikovsky (Дмитрий Вержиковский  verydima, seodima) started to write a huge number of threats to me.


The owner also says that he is me. But I have a very rare surname. In Ukraine, only a few dozen people with this surname. He also uses my photo:


This site is used to post libel about residents of Ukraine, show their personal data (passport, driving license, bank accounts) and extort money from them for the removal of this information. On the main page of site they represent themselves as a continuation of the site (I closed it through a complaint to the hosting provider), about which there were many reviews about extorting money to delete information.


Link to the comment on the forum

They have a big database of personal data of citizens of Ukraine for blackmail:

And citizens of other countries too:

The site owner hides his websites through cloud proxy and front companies in offshore zones.

I tracked their first hosting through the network of offshore companies (these companies didn’t response to any abuse reports). It was the Ukrainian company They removed the sites of the scammer.


Ukrainian Virtual Trade LTD is registered in the offshore zone in the Seychelles (Global Gateway 8, Rue De La Perle, Providence) and use for abuse russian email service locked in Ukraine by law.




All site use same technologies as Dmitry’s Vezhikovsky (Дмитрий Вержиковский  verydima, seodima) site: WordPress, Cloudflare and other:


Also Dmitry Vezhikovsky (Дмитрий Вержиковский  verydima, seodima) wrote on his site that he makes cheap “sites” on WordPress:

But the owner moved it to another hosting and hid it again. I’m not looking now further because I’m busy. The last time I saw this was:



The domain registrar is But they are not in a hurry to remove the domain names of the fraudster.

Other types of attacks on me

During Dmitry’s Vezhikovsky (Дмитрий Вержиковский  verydima, seodima) threats, several types of attacks started on me. It was on the same days.

One of them was on the main state bank of Ukraine (Privatbank). The same type of attack was used as on Facebook ( The bank was not ready to defend against such an attack. Even after locking my account in some banking services, an endless selection of passwords continued. I received hundreds of SMS.

I brought this problem to the cool Ukrainian developer forum We discussed this problem. After a while, representatives of the bank wrote at the forum that they found ways to eliminate this problem in the security of the state bank of Ukraine. Now citizens of Ukraine are more protected from such attacks. 😉

The man who threatened me

The man who sent threats to me is Dmitry Vezhikovsky (Дмитрий Вержиковский  verydima, seodima). He uses nicknames verydima and seodima. In the Internet there are a lot of bad reviews about him. He has a site registered in 2013.

Until 2013 there was a site in the Internet. In the Internet there are a huge number of reports about the fraud of the owner of the site

Complaints about about fraud and deception (2012-2013 year):

Here is public information from the Internet about a man who sent me threats:






If you want to help in the fight against scammers

You can send complaints about fraud to these sites by this link

And send report on that sites this email [email protected] 


My site is only. It was created in 2010 year. Be careful. Good luck!


I (Pavel Churyumov) authorize the copying of this article in unchanged view to other sites and resources and indicating me as the source

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5 thoughts on “Attention! Scammers created websites on my behalf

  1. You need to file an investigation of this person, immediately. You have more than enough evidence to prosecute this petty criminal not only because of his threats but also because of the trails of evidence he left behind in attempt to fraud and identity theft you.

    All you need to do is contact the FBI for international crimes/cyber crimes. We have dealt with a petty criminal similar to yours but not as nearly bad as they were trying to scam people on SL by giving paranoid SL owners a so-called bogus “security” detector that data mined unsuspecting targets. Because of their own paranoia of copyright protection, this scammer fed upon their weakness and had logs of their accounts where the program silently acted like a ransomware and attempted to log into their accounts by brute-forcing a list of passwords and key-logging listeners.

    Please keep safe, I don’t know how well Russia’s criminal offense laws are but these type of shady and mafia-ish like activities is one of Russia’s main downfalls. In other countries, this bum would have been sent to prison just on the death-threats he initiated because you refused to do business with a shady individual with a criminal element and a track-record of history behind it.

    This individual has also made attempts to gain access to your bank account, which is Identity Theft.

    This Dmitry needs to be jailed, immediatly. Do not hesitate to turn this punk in. I do Web Designing and Network security, so these type of fraudulent individuals are not uncommon to witness.