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This post is a short overview about iCloud bypass after iOS 11 release. I will fill up it in the future.

Short info.

After iOS 11 any hardware bypass doesn’t work on new 64 bit Apple device BUT:

  • Old iPads 2, 3, 4 and mini 1 didn’t receive iOS 11. Hardware method works.
  • If you have iPad Wi-Fi Only with iCloud lock you can unlock it through editing device SN in the NAND with help of special equipment

Bug in iOS 11 for bypassing iCloud on iPads and iPhones

There is a bug in iOS 11 which helps to bypass iCloud lock on iPad and iphones


  1. Restore to iOS 11.0x
  2. Touch “unlocked by a passcode”
  3. Put in any digits 2 times
  4. Press back button twice
  5. Then press “Next”
  6. iCloud is removed on 100%

Source: https://myicloud.info/remove-bypass-icloud-clean-mode-passcode-bug/

What is about already bypassed devices?

Looks like most time you can update iCloud bypassed iPads by OTA (by Wi-Fi) without problems. But if you restore or erase iCloud bypassed in the future then device will be locked because of:

iOS 11 is checking UDID for activation. Udid is calculated from serial numbers and Wi-Fi or Bluetooth addresses.

If we convert the cellular to Wi-Fi udid will change. So there is no activation possible.

I don’t recommend updating iCloud bypassed iPads to iOS 11.

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