How get previous owner iCloud account info

If you are looking for not hardware iCloud bypass method you can try another way for ALL iCloud locked devices

Another way of removing iCloud account from device is by talking with previous owner of iCloud account. There is a great chance that the owner will unlock your device.

Many of you have devices linked to an Apple ID account and cannot see any contact information from previous owner or if device is “lost and erased” phone number that previous owner left is not correct and nobody answers it.

For those of you who wants to find out previous owner iCloud contact information, I collaborate with a trusted source and we offer you iCloud information finder service.

You will get at least email of apple ID of your locked device along with many other useful information like: name of owner, address, phone number, other associated email addresses, iCloud security questions (without answers) etc. That way you will be able to send an email to previous owner of your iCloud locked device and ask him to unlock it.

This service works also for lost and erased devices as for linked only devices like iPhones and any iPads that is iCloud locked.