How to bypass iCloud on iPad WiFi, iPad Cellular, iPhone and iPod

Bypass iCloud on iPad Wi-Fi Only with help of serial number change machine


Apple blocks iPad Wi-Fi Only by serial number (SN). Serial number is saved in NAND chip. So, what will be if we change SN? In theory, we will have new device, which will be activated as new different iCloud free iPad Wi-Fi Only.

For a long time this method was available only for high skilled specialists with very high priced equipment. Now it is available for everyone who has some money and time.

Asian experts have released new devices. These devices read iCloud free SN from your donor device and write it to you iCloud locked iPad Wi-Fi Only NAND chip. I think that these devices can also unlock iCloud locked iPods.

All you need is to place a logic board from your iCloud locked iPad Wi-Fi in one part of this device and a donor with new SN in other part of this device. Then go to program for this device, read and flash new SN to unlock iCloud from your iPad Wi-Fi Only.

Some models of iPads (mini?) allow you to edit their own serial number. You do not even need a donor! Change 1 character in old iCloud locked serial number. Save and flash new serial number to NAND chip. And you bypassed iCloud.

You can use as donor in such device:

  • NAND chip from iPhone, iPod or iPad without iCloud
  • iCloud locked iPhone or NAND chip from such iPhone
  • iPod without iCloud
  • NAND chip from iCloud locked iPhone
  • NAND chip from other iPad without iCloud
  • NAND chip from other iPad Cellular with iCloud


You should use only compatible devices with your iPad Wi-Fi Only. The best way is to buy iCloud free NAND chip in Asian magazines. It costs about $5-10. Or you can use iCloud locked compatible iPhone.

ipad nand chip

Tables of compatible models

iPads and iPhones

This table was filled up with help of mauricio trujillo (darest aka urahara kisuke)

iPad iPhone
iPad 2 iPhone 4 (revision with small NAND chip?)
iPad 3 (if 2 NAND flash chips than SN in U1400 chip?) iPhone 4s, iPhone 4 (?)
iPad 4 iPhone 5
iPad mini 1 gen iPhone5, iPhone 4? (revision with small NAND chip?)
iPad Air 1 gen iPhone 5s or iPhone 6
iPad mini 2 gen iPhone 5s
iPad Air 2 gen iPhone 6
iPad mini 3 gen
iPad Pro 1 gen iPhone 6s
iPad mini 4 gen
iPad Pro 8.9″ (Air 3) iPhone 6 or iPhone 6s

iPod and iPhones

iPod iPhone iPad
iPod Touch 5 gen iPhone 5 iPad 4

After changing serial number in your iCloud locked iPad Wi-Fi only restore this device as usual in iTunes. Now you bypassed iCloud.




Devices to change the serial number

You can find such devices in web-search by phrases like “iPad Serial number modifier or go to AliExpress shop”.

They differ in the number of supported tablet. Some models support only iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad 4 and don’t have separate slot for NAND chips. Other support all iPads mini, iPads Air and iPhones 6(s). Price is about $400-1200. Support more features and devices – more price.

Here photos of such devices:

ipad nand chip serial number changer

ipad nand chip serial number changer

ipad nand chip serial number changer

ipad nand chip serial number changer

Notice. Such devices are illegal for personal use in some countries.

Some video how these devices work.


This method will not help you to unlock iCloud on iPads Cellular and iPhones. You will get error-1 (baseband error). I described iCloud method for these devices here.


Is this information useful for you? Support the project through donations. More donations – more information! And maybe I’ll buy my first iPad. 🙂


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155 thoughts on “How to bypass iCloud on iPad WiFi, iPad Cellular, iPhone and iPod

  1. Hello people! I have iPad 3 wifi only which was previosly bypassed by replacing nand from iphone 5 with iphone serial number. It worked a couple of years, but after restore i get activation error. tried restoring with itunes and activating with itunes and 3utools. any thoughts how i can get this iPad fixed? Thanks

  2. i have a ipad mini wifi model : a1432 need a help from you what i should remove from logic board can you help me please

  3. hi guys, please which of the ipad 2 double nand ic contains a serial number, the top
    or the down

  4. Hello
    I removed several iPad iCloud iPad 3 4 Air 1n2 and mini with no problem
    But stuck on iPad mini A1454 it’s showing Apple TV and want restore
    All done r1205 removed and jumper on r1204 but only Apple TV
    What can I do any suggestions

    1. Hi will you help me or advise me for iPad 3. I am not a computer or tech wizard this whole thing is confusing. Thanks

  5. Anyone coming to this thread to try and unlock their ipad this is the current state of affairs.

    If you dont have any equipment to read and write to the nand chip then the only ipads you are going to be able to icloud bypass are ipad 3 with 4g and ipad 4 with 4g and ipad mini with 4g this is because they are 32bit systems and only go up to ios 10.3.3 which is not UDID activation checked.

    ipad air and mini 2 and above are all 64 bit systems and will take the latest software which is currently ios 12.

    So if you want to remove icloud on say ipad air 1 wifi or 4g and ipad air 2 wifi and 4g you need to be able to write a new clean serial number and wifi and blutooth mac address to the device so it activates with UDID

    1. Hey man,so if i understand correctly for 64 bit ipads with 4G, first need to remove resistor resulting in wifi only and after must replace the 4g ic chip with a wifi only(the part with change sn of nand i know it). My question is, this wifi only needs programming before replacing or must be soldered as it comes from the store and if needs programming,what type of programmer should be used.Thanks.
      Also thanks pasha for this great site with tips, i will donate today, really apreciate man!

  6. Hi Where can I buy the chips for my Ipad and my phone you said asian stores but I have no clue as to which stores your talking about

    1. i suggest you think twice before getting in to chip replacement. it maby looks simple when done by a proffessional, but believe me!!! it is NOT simple!!!! i had to destroy phones and pad for atleast 20-25000 sek (3000 us dollar)…

    1. Hi Pavel, how about the previous iPads that had done in the pass , can it be able to update to the latest version (11…)?

  7. This will no longer work on iOS 11!!!!!!!!!! Apple upgraded activation. Devices will restore but not get past activation screen, serial swapping on wifi only devices fails too!!!!

  8. Hello people 🙂

    Happy New Year!

    As you know I made long time surgery on my hand. And not all went good. Then there was the 2 months of rehabilitation. It turned out that the doctor hurt something in my hand. 🙁

    Now I have new problems and maybe will do few surgeries. So at this time I am not able contribute something new. I’m a bit in decline because of all these problems, which excruciate me for several years. 🙁

    I hope all will be fine. 🙂

  9. First damn you guys know your. I bought a iPad 2 and didn’t do my research and got burned. It had a iCloud lock on it and can’t get ahold of previous owner. I really don’t know what I am doing. Can you help I can’t donate at this moment sorry

    1. Wildpickles did you ever get the problem solved? I have the exact same issue. I bought an iPad mini 4 and was not informed it was iCloud locked. I can not reach the person I got it from, he blocked me after I contacted him for the info to log in. I’ve had this iPad for 4 months just sitting in my desk because I can’t use it but I payed good money for it. Did you ever get yours unlocked?

  10. Do any experts know how to remove iCloud activation lock on iPhone 6S? Which chips need to be replaced and which ones reprogrammed?

  11. hi pavel,

    tried this, but the only problem is i can not sign into iMessage or FaceTime.

    i even tried changing the serial number to a known non-locked iPad of the exact same type (my personal one)

    any ideas?

      1. I would MORE than happy to donate! But how can you keep track for those who donate and those who just moose from all your hard work?

        After I donate, can we keep in touch through Whatsapp? I have MANY iPads. iPods and iPhone 6/6S/6S+ which I need help on.

        What’s a fair amount to donate?

        1. jerome what you need to know about .. How many ipads ipods you got im in central Ms. I do UNLOCKS on half . what ever your device is. I use Iphone 3,2 ZIF socket added engineer mode purple dfu .. I reprogram serial on serial Ipads and imei and baseband on cellular I unlock all device. you bring me 6 actviation locked devices I give you 3 back working unlocked.,, I do it on 50/50 commision.. I normally don’t do anything under 10
          devices because of time it takes to set up program and reaasemble I have a iphone 7 prototype phone(engineerr developement model and a 6 model for the 64 bit pci nand and its insecure .. unlocked boot.. it programs serial and imei write with wl software.

          1. where at in MS are you located? If close enough I would like to get in touch with you and see what kind of deal we can reach

  12. Hello,

    I have a quick question,
    iPhone 4 4s 5 5c 5s all need to replace 3 chips.
    iPhone 6 6+ 6s 6s+ need to replace 6 chips and home button.
    Is this correct?
    Also does anyone have instructions for reprogramming chips.

    1. to reprogram, you need special equipment which is not the most difficult part. The difficult part is how to remove all the chips from one board and place on the board you want correctly so it will function perfectly. There are million chances that you can damage one of those chip, and if one chip gets fried, you are fried.

  13. hi,
    what do you mean by “iPhone 4 (revision with small NAND chip?)”?
    iPhone4 have many NAND types? Physical size? Capacity?

    1. Download a full iCloud Bypass Kit from MICROINSIDE COM or email us on MICROINSIDE at FASTSERVICE COM and bypass up to 5 iDevices. It’s a permanent service

  14. Hello guys.. I have bypass the icloud on the ipad air 2 wifi with iphone 6 nand.. Gyroscope and accelerometer not work.. Change the nand with another ipad air 2 the same problem.. Gyro + acceler not work.. 🙁 How do you solve? thank so mutch.. 😉

  15. I have tried changing the nand on iPad Air with nand iPhone 5 no iCloud, restore is successful, only that when I choose the language that hangs with the iTunes screen, the pc tells me that there was a problem and contact the technical assistance how do I fix?

  16. Hello Sir, let me asking questions for you
    i have mini 2 a1490, and done bypass hardware, but i thing failed,the condition:
    1. restore itunes error 16,sometimes 3169
    2. Stuck apple logo, sometimes screen goes black, idk wether dfu mode or not
    3. Ipsw wifi only isnt compatible
    4. detected in itunes while screen is going black
    is there possibility that the bypass not completed ?

    can u help me,what should i do, im sorry i cant donate u for today, im still student
    thank you so much for your kindness,and im sorry for my bad english

  17. Please I need help.. I have an iPad air WiFi only.. Please what type of nand chips can I use to change it..

  18. how are you guys i have a question for the experts here what the deference between this two nand chips

    1-unlock icloud mini1 with(((((( hidden serial number SN Code)))))),ipa dair 2 nand flash hdd chip 64GB 100% tested bypass i cloud
    2-unlocked ipad6 air2 nand flash chip 64GB((((( with serial number sn Code)))),100% tested well bypass ipad icloud for using
    i am trying to purchase a nand hdd ship for my locked ipad air 2 but i am really confused with one of those should i buy what the difference between with serial number code and with hidden serial number code and is this chips ready and flashed which mean all i need to replace one of them with my old locked ship and my device will work if i did everything write or this chips need to be programmed ? thank you

    1. I know what seller your talking about. He has Ipad Air 2 chips. If he removed them from the store, just contact him. Hes a great guy and will answer your questions about the nand chips. Otherwise the title is common-sense. If it dosnt say Ipad Air 2 on it. Then its not the correct one…

  19. Hello Pavel,

    I have a question about the sensor you are writing about.
    About which sensor are you talking? (what is the number in the schematics?)

    Thanks in advance

  20. donatio donation to pavel and soon will be post iphone icloud solutions 4 to 5s all models ! without change any chips ! program own iphone chips !

      1. what’s your email? DADA I want to buy NAND chips from you, I don’t like China sellers it’s taking too long

  21. Hello.I am at the second iPad mini wifi icl bypass with nand change from iPhone 4.Everything is okay but now with 9.2.1 it is wifi grayed out.There could be by software.Checked all hardware voltages.

    1. Thanks very much Bro. You are doing a great work. Please I want to ask which site can I buy this nand chips. Or if I change all the morthanbored of my ipad air will the icloud be removed

  22. Hi panel I see that u are a tech I’m try my luck in computer and electrical engineering 1 semester I was wondering I have iPad 4 model number a1458 wifi only is there a hardware solution I found a dns solution and I’m on the iPad now but it only allows social media and search internet I can also watch movies but no dowloading can u send me a hardware solution for this model number please as I am a struggling collage student and can’t donate but I will share knowledge in future with u as I learn email me at [email protected] or simply give me a link ty

  23. Hello Pavel, hopefully you can help me again, last time was when i read all you pr info on ipad 3g icloud removal which i donated.Have a question i have icloud locked ipad mini 1gen wifi which i also have iphone 4/4s cdma and 5c ATT p, 5s Verizon all icloud free is it possible to use 1 of iphone for nand flash chip also which SN changer hardware that you dont need to desolder also any hardware to change imei number? Thank you and will gladly donate again….

  24. Hi, great info you have here, I’m here in Canada and I buy used/ broken iphones 4-4s-5-5c-5s, and clean them up and sell them, but when 1 has an iCloud acc, Apple ID, the phone can ply be used for parts, I’ve tried so many different ways, nothing had worked, can u pls give me some ideas, or a trusted link to delete an iCloud acc pls, also I will be donating In the next couple days, I think it’s great what u are doing here


  25. Hi all!
    I have an iPad 4 wifi with iOs7.1.3 only icloud locked.
    I spend months trying to unlock, I noticed that doulci is not working anymore, because apple patch the bug.

    the hardware method works with this model?
    were can I find the link to do it: I searching for it but this page is too confuse, I got only iPads GSM/ CDMA methods. not for the iPad 4 wifi

    could please somebody can help me ?
    thank you!

  26. Thank you for the inevitable hard work, my question is; Does chip for iPod touch 5g (A1421) 16GB substitute for iPad mini 16GB (A1432)???? Remember all devices are icloud locked!! I will donate after successful bypass

  27. Great work! Thank you for making this information public. I have used the 3G hardware unlock several times and this chip changing machine looks excellent! I will get one and see what happens, i will donate 10% of the profits to yourself 🙂

  28. am new in this site if the trick i see here on ur site work me honestly i will donate am want to try ipad air 2 i saw some equipment here for by passing icloud are those equipment working with the latest software 9.2 cause i want to purchase them thank u in advance

      1. Hi plz could u tell me how to make iPhone back to factory settings , without changing chips , if possible , I reset my iPhone 6 China v clone , 6plus on a screen with menu , did wifi server bypass, advice what I should do next , many thanks the box

  29. Thank you so much for your work!!

    Only have a question, to bypass icloud its necessary use a chip nand flash with the same size of memory and the model that i have blocked?

    In other words i have blocked a ipad air 64 gb wifi and it necessary buy a chip nand flash for ipad air with 64 gb?

    Thank you

  30. hi, i want to have my iPad mini 2 with retina model no- A1455 by pass with easy can you please help i have been spending lots of money to get it fix but helpless.thanks

  31. Anything for iPhone 6s Plus bought it second hand thinking I was getting a deal and now I’m stuck with a phone that’s locked pls help someone…..

      1. i love your works on icloud unlock though i tried the hardware method on my ipad 3 and it detected it as iphone on itunes but i have testimonies of friends that i have seen bypass theirs with the same method. i intend to also donate about $50 to support this new project. i would have donated more but the value of dollar is very high in my country

          1. Hi I have an unlocked iPad and iPhone that can’t turn on because of its screen, is it okay to use the NAND of my iPhone and transfer it to my iPod?