Bypass iCloud on iPad Wi-Fi Only with help of serial number change machine


Apple blocks iPad Wi-Fi Only by serial number (SN). Serial number is saved in NAND chip. So, what will be if we change SN? In theory, we will have new device, which will be activated as new different iCloud free iPad Wi-Fi Only.

For a long time this method was available only for high skilled specialists with very high priced equipment. Now it is available for everyone who has some money and time.

Asian experts have released new devices. These devices read iCloud free SN from your donor device and write it to you iCloud locked iPad Wi-Fi Only NAND chip. I think that these devices can also unlock iCloud locked iPods.

All you need is to place a logic board from your iCloud locked iPad Wi-Fi in one part of this device and a donor with new SN in other part of this device. Then go to program for this device, read and flash new SN to unlock iCloud from your iPad Wi-Fi Only.

Some models of iPads (mini?) allow you to edit their own serial number. You do not even need a donor! Change 1 character in old iCloud locked serial number. Save and flash new serial number to NAND chip. And you bypassed iCloud.

You can use as donor in such device:

  • NAND chip from iPhone, iPod or iPad without iCloud
  • iCloud locked iPhone or NAND chip from such iPhone
  • iPod without iCloud
  • NAND chip from iCloud locked iPhone
  • NAND chip from other iPad without iCloud
  • NAND chip from other iPad Cellular with iCloud


You should use only compatible devices with your iPad Wi-Fi Only. The best way is to buy iCloud free NAND chip in Asian magazines. It costs about $5-10. Or you can use iCloud locked compatible iPhone.

ipad nand chip

Tables of compatible models

iPads and iPhones

This table was filled up with help of mauricio trujillo (darest aka urahara kisuke)

iPad iPhone
iPad 2 iPhone 4 (revision with small NAND chip?)
iPad 3 (if 2 NAND flash chips than SN in U1400 chip?) iPhone 4s, iPhone 4 (?)
iPad 4 iPhone 5
iPad mini 1 gen iPhone5, iPhone 4? (revision with small NAND chip?)
iPad Air 1 gen iPhone 5s or iPhone 6
iPad mini 2 gen iPhone 5s
iPad Air 2 gen iPhone 6
iPad mini 3 gen
iPad Pro 1 gen iPhone 6s
iPad mini 4 gen
iPad Pro 8.9″ (Air 3) iPhone 6 or iPhone 6s

iPod and iPhones

iPod iPhone iPad
iPod Touch 5 gen iPhone 5 iPad 4

After changing serial number in your iCloud locked iPad Wi-Fi only restore this device as usual in iTunes. Now you bypassed iCloud.




Devices to change the serial number

You can find such devices in web-search by phrases like “iPad Serial number modifier or go to AliExpress shop”.

They differ in the number of supported tablet. Some models support only iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad 4 and don’t have separate slot for NAND chips. Other support all iPads mini, iPads Air and iPhones 6(s). Price is about $400-1200. Support more features and devices – more price.

Here photos of such devices:

ipad nand chip serial number changer

ipad nand chip serial number changer

ipad nand chip serial number changer

ipad nand chip serial number changer

Notice. Such devices are illegal for personal use in some countries.

Some video how these devices work.


This method will not help you to unlock iCloud on iPads Cellular and iPhones. You will get error-1 (baseband error). I described iCloud method for these devices here.


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