How to unlock iCloud locked Apple iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad 4, iPad Air, iPad mini, iPad mini 2, iPad Air 2, iPad mini 3


This method will help you bypass iCloud on locked iPads. At this moment it works with Apple iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad 4, iPad Air,  iPad mini,  iPad mini 2, iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3, which is locked by service iCloud. Include locked through “Lost and erased” mode.

After this you will can install any apps on your iCloud free iPad, make jailbreak, assign your own Apple ID account  and do any other things.

Here you can read manual to bypass iCloud on model of your iPad:

If you are looking for a way to unlock the iCloud on iPad Wi-Fi Only, iPhone or iPod, then read this article: How to bypass iCloud on iPad WiFi, iPad Cellular, iPhone and iPod




Этот метод поможет вам снять iCloud на заблокированных iPad. Метод работает с iCloud locked Apple iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad 4, iPad Air,  iPad mini,  iPad mini 2, iPad Air 2 и iPad mini 3, которые заблокированы через сервис iCloud. Включительно с заблокированный через режим “Lost and erased”.

После этого вы сможете установить любые приложения на освобожденный от iCloud iPad, сделать jailbreak, назначить собственный Apple ID и делать любые другие операции.

Здесь вы можете прочитать инструкцию по разблокировке iCloud на вашей модели iPad:

Если вы ищите способ разблокировки iCloud на iPad Wi-Fi, iPhone или iPod, тогда прочтите эту статью: How to bypass iCloud on iPad WiFi, iPad Cellular, iPhone and iPod

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981 thoughts on “How to unlock iCloud locked Apple iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad 4, iPad Air, iPad mini, iPad mini 2, iPad Air 2, iPad mini 3

  1. Im waiting for latest jailbreak so i can replace the wifi files on my ipad air 2

    Was wandering if the wifi will still work if i update or do the wifi files get overwritten if i update so wifi will not work again?

    Also heard that this works for icloud removal

    Sign in icloud account on ipad, make sure its signed in for at least a week or more

    Then sign out.

    After that remove jumper & restore ipad

    Has anyone tried this?

  2. Hi,
    did someone give electric paint(look at ebay) a try?
    This would be easy recoverable if another solution comes available.

    1. electric paint will be ok for ipads where you are only making a jumper not removing the resistor, like on ipad air2

      I just used the pencil method as graphite conducts electricity well.

  3. Does someone have the Ipad Air 2 LTE schematics? I have looked through all the internet and have NOT found.

  4. Good day,

    Can someone please 👏 Help me , I have iPad 3 wifi model A1416 I need to bypass iCloud hardware where can I find the transistor?, I only know where to find the transistor for iPad 3 3G/wifi but for the same iPad with wifi only i don’t know where it is please help me!!

    1. a1489 iPad mini 2 needs nand chip swap like it says on this site.

      You can use 5s nand or buy a chip with clean or hidden sn

      But if you cant find this method that is right in front of you i think you should not attempt such a procedure,

  5. (Update) just done my ipad air 2 working as expected but obviously no Wi-Fi, Bluetooth is working good.

    Timed battery drain on stopwatch was on 28% 6 hours later is on 22% so not to bad.

    I did the mod without taking out the Mo Bo

    Pangu is due to realise new jailbreak on the 1st July so all us non jail-broke can hopefully get our wifi back.

    Great info on this site thanks to all the contributors

      1. I will defiantly donate £10 if you can supply the wifi fix files for ipad air 2 once new jailbreak is available.

        Do you think you will be able to upload the files Pavel Churiumov??

  6. I got iPad Air 2 on 9.3.2 if has anyone done on this firmware?

    Did blutooth still work?

    Think new jailbreak is coming very soon so should be able to get wifi working with relevent files

    Can Apple patch this method with iOS ??

  7. Hi, I’ve successfully unlocked an iPad2 and have been using it for some time and have updated it several times with no problems. However, after installing the latest iOS 9.3 my iPad is now detected by iTunes as a iPhone and has potentially bricked my iPad. anybody else suffer the same problem??
    Thanks in advance.

  8. i have bypassed iPad air 2 icloud even i lost my wifi and thats fine with me atleast i can use my iPad and if i have to use internet i use Bluetooth tethering but i am still confused with the activation on icloud website. its still showing my ipad has its FMI urned ON. and i am afraid that if i have to restore again then my device will be icloud locked to with previous id? i tried to sign in with my icloud id and turned the FMI OFF and ON and OFF again but still its showing same on icloud activation website. WILL MY DEVICE BE LOCKED TO SAME ICLOUD ID THAT I HAVE FORGOTTEN AND GOT STUCKED IF I RESTORED THE DEVICE AGAIN AFTER BYPASS ????????????………

    1. no will not LOCKED I want to ask you is their any another problems occurred after you bypass your ipad? because I have ipad air 2 locked

    2. l have ipad mini A1455 as well locked to icloud how can l remove it, l don’t understand about removing resistor, jumper..etc, can anyone help?

      1. best way is to turn it over to a technician
        because there are too many risks and very small electronic components

  9. Pavel, Hi im bob. Do you know error in iOS 9.3.2 With Icloud removal hardware. I hace iPad mini Working and With the update was locked.

  10. hello

    I have an iPad mini 3 and I have followed the steps in removing the appropriate resistor and adding it to #2 position. when I put the ipad together and try to restore it I got a message as the ipad is an iphone. I removed the motherboard and looked at the work I did and re-solder the resistor in position #2 then put it back and it finally detected as an ipad mini 3, however when I tried to restore the ipad I keep getting an iTunes error 9. I looked and search around and found that I needed to change the USB cables and change computer which I did several times and I continue to get the same error. Do anyone have an Idea of what could have happen? Thank you all.

  11. Hola necesito desbloquear mi ipad 2 wifi ayudame por favor se puede el modelo es A1395 ipad 2 wifi gracias espero tu ayuda

  12. Hey I did exactly same remove resitor r1204 on model A1460. Downloaded file extracted mac detected it in recover mode selected download file it begin to extract and then this comes on side of screen of ipad.

    [NAND} _FindFlashMedia….
    [NAND] _fetchborrowedList:881 number of borrowed block 16

    this is last line i get. Itunes show waiting for ipad and nothing happens on ipad. Then i get error 4005 on itunes.

    1. hello again, today have the same problem that you and I fixed with a pencil, yes a pencil, only mark or jump with the pencil in the circuit r1205 y r1206, is really functionally, please reply if you solved your problem, I fixed mi ipad whit this process

  13. Draining battery on air 2 after jailbreak in sleep mode/stand by? Almost 2 or 3% per hour!! Any solutions found?

        1. no, same problem with iPad Air 2 without swapped wifi files, in my opinion, shorting resistor to bypass iCloud prevent the iPad to go to sleep mode properly but is there any solution for that- I have no idea.

          1. I had installed Cocoatop and Icleaner Pro. I noticed that the daemons (Aggregated, Backboardd, UsereventAgent, Kernel_task) were the culprits. I tried to disable some daemons on Icleaner Pro and could reduce some battery draining, and then I made a huge mistake, and disabled some plist and the Main plist as well. And because of that I stuck on Apple Logo now. Trying to fix it, but I think it is kind of impossible, since the PC (itunes) does NOT recognize it anylonger. Really sad. i do NOt want to lose my JB.

            1. Hello! My ipad air 2 doesn’t charge. It looks as if it finds its battery already charged because battery indicator doesn’t change.

  14. bypassed ipad air2 with ios 9.1 now wifi not working after jailbreak replaced the files but still no luck anyone have any video how to replace files looks like i am doing some thing wrong

  15. Hi my friend
    I have iPad Air A1475 but there is no r1506 resistor. I’m the first who open this device. No r1506 and i have saw in another forum some people who have this kind of iPad Air A1475. Please need your help if you have a solution for this…

  16. ipad air 2 needs a jumper, is there a video tutorial on how to make jumper. On youtube you could only find how to make a jumper on a TV CB or a larger board, it would be great if there is a video regarding iPad’s jumpers.

  17. hello,when i try to restore my ipad mini model 1454 with itunes it shows a 1454 error,i tried downloading some ipsw to restore it manually but it shows me that all the firmwares are incompatible can some one please give me the number of the correct firmware i should download and install using this manual methord

  18. Donation sent. Thank you for your work. iPad Air LTE 1st gen. went flawlessly. Used an X-acto knife to remove resistor due to epoxy potting around flash chip. USB microscope came in handy to confirm complete removal. One important thing I would like to point out to those attempting these procedures. After opening the iDevice but BEFORE disconnecting the screen/ digitizer, you should disconnect the battery. When reassembling, put a piece of plastic over the battery terminals before
    Screwing the connector back on. This may prevent burning out the LCD backlight. Also, be very careful with the digitizer and screen to not get fingerprints or dust or adhesive on them or you’ll be looking at your mistake on a daily basis. Thanks again.

    1. Also have iPad Air A1475 wifi +cell; removed the R1506 resistor, checked if there was no any connection between the pins, downloaded the iPad4,1_9.2.1_13D15_Restore (ipad air wifi only), put my ipad into recovery mode, connected to computer, itunes detected it as ipad with no SN, then tried to restore from the downloaded file and it says that it cannot restore it beacause the downloaded file dosnt match the hardware, witch I understand that itunes still see my ipad as wifi + cellular and dosnt allow to restore from wifi only file. Please tell me if I did something wrong or what can be the problem? Could you describe step by step how you did it?
      Thanks a lot for the help. I am so close but yet so far..

        1. Thank you, I will do that.
          When I restore from itunes nothing changes, still have wifi+cell software locked ipad.
          Looks like removing resistor didnt help, hopefuly cleaning the spot and disconnecting the battery will help.

  19. Thank you for the info!

    Bypassed iPad Air 2 yesterday, the only problem is it is running ios 9.2.1 now, is there a jailbreak available? I don’t have wifi now.

    1. I bypassed an Ipad Air 2 some days ago… As known I can’t use wifi , but I have others problems and I would like to know if it’s normal. My ipad sometimes restarts while pairing with iphone for internet, it doesn’t charge *(seems that it see the battery fully charged everytime). It’s ok? or should I open it again and check what I’ve done?

  20. ipad 2 i remove the resistor like you thought me……a lil problem….firmware not compatible i try all the lates firmware for the ipad 2 also itunes is recognicing the ipad as an iphone…
    how cam i fix this

  21. Hello master pls is chance send me on mail where i found this
    ??? i try found him on web but nothing thanks Shrekous

  22. Great job with the website,
    I donated $5.00 the other day but noticed that you are affiliated with quality extreme services. It would be great if you could share your knowledge of the non hardware methods and tips since your business uses these methods to unlock apple products on a daily basis. Would be great if you are willing.
    Have a nice day,

    1. Hello

      Thank you 🙂

      I don’t work with Apple devices and I’m not an engeneer. For some devices I make solution just by photo of logic boards. Ipads are rare in my country (expensive)

      Not hardware methods are almost impossible

  23. Hi,Pavel
    I met the problem with iPad 3 CDMA (Verizon) all blueprints are not fit to the board i saw while open the unit. Did you have anther version of board? A1403.
    hank you very much

  24. Hey i wil have high resolution photos of motherboards for you on Friday 1/30/16 any area in particular that you want i think near the a9 chip i saw a similar chip/resistor layout.

      1. You are welcome. 🙂

        Most people think that free info, work and support cost nothing.

        But I’m really tired from support through emails, skype, twitter, facebook, comments and private messages on forums. Now I will save my time.

  25. hello pavel, first of all I thank you for the work you’ve done and sharing it with all …
    Then I should ask clarification for unlocking a mini ipad 2, are shown in the schematic drawing 4 resistors, but the instructions are not told what to do with the number # 1 (I have to leave it there?)…
    other question, resistance # 2 I have to remove it and join his two pads with the pond? or need to connect the two pads and leave there the resistance?

    And last question 🙂
    after doing this work and connected the device to iTunes, the firmware to be included in the iPad is automatically suggested properly by itunes? or i have to scearch from me the correct version (wifi only) in the web?

    I hope you will answer me, thanks again. Marco.

  26. i found answer on my own question from 4pda. bluetooth works on 9.0 and up after air2 bypass.
    so for now connect to internet through bluetooth.

    when jailbreak becomes available for current iOS then we can fix wifi as well by copying files.

    am i correct? is there workaround for wifi without jailbreak?

  27. On the air 2 the LTE model! After the bypass both Bluetooth and wifi will be disabled! So how do we connect it to internet through Bluetooth if Bluetooth on iPad is disabled.?

    I know there is no jailbreakin for 9.2 as of right now. but when it becomes available it would be useful to know!

    Thank you for your good work!

  28. HI I have a problem in my IPAD 2, I forgot the password and user name, now before activate the ipad need this username and password…can anyone help me?

  29. Thank you Pasha4ur! You save me from misery. This method works. I have iPad AIR cellular. I was followed instructions from this noble person, Pasha4ur. Remove r1506 as described and bypassed my iPad. Now it’s working like new. There is someone who complain about battery drain after bypass. I don’t have that kind issue. Beside the fact that face time and messenger are not working, the tablet is like new. You will also see your tablet on iCloud page and can communicate.
    I have a tip for person who will do this bypass. YOU, must be very careful. You can read that there is another that is pointing on delicate work, but be twice more careful. And the resistor is math*r fa***ng TINY! I ask a professional help to remove that tiny resistor. Again, be very careful not to distroyed this peace of art machine.
    Again, thank you very much Pasha4ur.

    1. Your device is iPad Air first gen, devices with battery drain problem mentioned in previous posts are air 2nd generation

  30. Ok pavel just donated nother 20.00usd to you. This is donation number 3 and nother onecoming soon. All the rest of you cheap bastards that keep promising donations but never do. why do post and say that youre planning on donating when you can or when you hav money? knowing that you never will. No one cares what you say you WILL do they only care what you actually DO DO. Thank you pasha for your hard work and resesrch. This bypass method was a great discovery and has helped many people.

  31. Thank you so much! When I get some money I will definitely donate to you for all of your hard work!
    I did have one small problem with my iPad 4 after I removed the resistor: the screen did not turn on even after I took it out of DFU mode. For anyone in the same situation, all you have to do is remove the SIM card and reboot. Then it works like magic. Again, MANY THANKS for your hard work!

  32. Awesome it Worked!! Thanks Pasha! Wondering though if I update it will automatically get messed up? And can I switch user accounts without a problem? I am wondering because if one day I sell this Ipad will it malfunction on the person after me.


  33. Hi, can you send iPhone 5, but I would ask for help in case of problems with clearing a blockage iCloud if you want to write me your address via email .Thx

    1. Sorry for above post. My english is not very good. I can send you iPhone 5 but I’d ask for help in case of problems with getting around the iCloud block. If that’s okay with you, e-mail me your home address.

      1. Hi

        There are some problems with sending something to Ukraine:
        1. Parcel can steal at customs.
        2. Parcel may lose.
        3. I will have to pay a tax of 50% if the employee customs revalue sending more than 150 dollars.

        In summer, I ordered one thing on ebay. Delivered via FedEx with tracking. Sending has been lost. It is found in a few days, but not in the best condition and it smelled.

  34. Hi
    Anyone experienced fast battery drain on bypassed air2? I have 2 units with the same problem. About %20 a day without any use.

  35. I just donated another 20.00 usd pasha/pavel as i said i would for every bypass i complete you get 20 dollars. Thank you for youR resesrch. Also the res/t of you should donate as well you think its easy to research, test, and trouble shoot these methods in addition to maintaining an updated step by step tutorial complete with device schematics. all while checking and answering all the dumb questions that everyone asks because theyre too lazy to pay attention to the guide and the f.a.q. page.

    Pavel discovered and made public, this bypass method, and hundreds if not thousands of people have succesfully bypassed their devices. Surely thats worth a few dollars. Thank you again and more donations to come.
    Vector, aka haxin

  36. i have really been checking everyday for two weeks now if there is bypass yet for the ipad mini 4 a1550. please help out bro. of cause will donate and help anyway i can to find method

    1. I think you will wait very long

      1. I have no money to buy iPad mini 4 for development.
      2. People don’t want help me with photo of logic boards wifi Only and Cellular models.
      3. Only 1-3 men donate per month.

      1. Hi, I do not know how much English. I apologize. I have an iPad for the A1652, and need to unlock it icloud. I send you a photo of the board. And your idea to unlock icloud I can try on my iPad. Thank

  37. En ipad air 2 para quien sin querer rompa la resistencia de al lado del jumper que quite la resistencia que heche soldadura para que se toquen los 4 puntos y funcionara igual

    1. Eddy gracias creo que me pasó eso porque voy a restaurarla me dice que iOS es incorrecto, no entiendo bien tu explicación si pudieras ayudarme te agradecería y estoy dispuesto a hacerte una donación hermano este es mi

  38. thank you very much , i unlocked my Ipad air 2 64 GB GSM (A1567) iOS 9.1 and i’m using bleuthoot to connext to internet ,but …my battery drain faster ? any solution for that plz .

  39. Thank you for your research pasha4ur i just donated $20 usd and more donations to follow. Every ipad i bypass i will be sure and send another donation your way. Wouldnt have been possible without your research and if not for you making this discovery. Thank you for your work.
    Haxin aka vector

  40. Good afternoon!
    I’m having trouble with the ipad 1396, I made the correct procedure as mandated by the tutorial , but when I will restore it the following message appears ( there is software available for your iPhone right now. )
    I thank you bear .

      1. Hello do you have any info on how to unlock ipad 3 WiFi only and iPhone 5 also I will like to donate I leave in USA what’s the best way to donate without using PayPal if is possible and once again thanks you for your work

  41. Hi Pavel, will make a donation as soon as I can, been wanting to do so but problems with my credit cards. Nice work you doing here. At least people are starting to share information on the bypass development. You on my mind bro…

    1. Hi

      Thank you!

      Soon I will start to write post with some info about WiFi models. I hope that other people will help with info. Just need to find info because I’m writing diploma at this moment

  42. Did the ipad air A1475 but whenever i try to restore with Wifi Firmware, it gives error 4014, and sometimes error 14. I tried changing usb cables, still same. Pls help. I promise to make donation definitely if i can recover this ipad, its been long since i tried fixing but unable to restore it with wifi firmware as it always ends up with either error 14 or 4014

  43. Hi Pavel, recently saw your bypass metod, still testing on ipad 2 3g, entered dfu mode itunes picked up as ipad wifi and restored ok, everything works but looking in settings /information it shows in model MC982e/a, is this the model of the 3g ipad, i thought it whould change after the procedure, any thoughts on this?

  44. It doesn’t work for Ipad air 2 64 GB GSM (A1567) bei IOS 9.1 for me.

    It make GSM not working anymore but dont go in DFÜ Mode.
    I try two time wit jumper . I think I make it as in Picture.
    I try to go manuelly in DFÜ mode and install iPad5,3_9.1_13B143_Restore.ipsw but Itune think no compactible firmware and download orginaly Ipad5,4 version.

    Is it becouse of 9.1 ? Does it work bei someone with IOS 9.1 ? Please if does let me know . Thanks.

  45. Hi! I have an ipad mini a1455.does this method works with this model?Can i make the same procedure as the ipad mini A1454 with his schematics?
    sorry for my bad english 😛

  46. So, if I understand this correctly, there is no hardware bypass for the WiFi iPad 2 model? Only for the 3g model?


  47. thank pavel
    i can’t download file for wifi
    i am from morocco i dont have permission for donate but when i go in italia december i make a donation

  48. hi pavel got a really good question i got a ipad air gsm a1475 i removed the resistor r1506 BUT with the battery conected does that afect the process because she turns on fine and everytihng but ones i try to restore with the wifi ips the itunes tells me that that firmware its not for that model give me a hand there sir am from venezuela its on 9.1

    1. No only version 9.0.2 because when you need to jailbreak the device, pangu needs the firmware to be 9.0.2 but do it quick before Apple stops support for 9.0.2 get the wifi only firmware for air 2 from http://www.ipsw.me. In iTunes hold the shift key when you click restore to select the firmware you downloaded from Ipsw.me but do this after you made jumper.

  49. Pavel iPad Air 2 bypassed and got wifi working. I guess all I had to do was make jumper. No need to remove any resistors. As for your question I emailed you back

    1. You probably botched the job. Make sure no solder smeared anywhere else on the logic board also make sure your screen connection is good. Disconnect battery unplug digitizer and plug it back in.

  50. can anyone answer me 2 direct questions? read comments, but there´s too much confusion on it.

    1) does wifi work or not after this mod?
    2) does it work in ios9?

    thanks a lot

      1. thanks a lot for super fast answer. just one doubt though… if wifi works, and ios9 works as well, why turn off software updates?

  51. I understand pasha doesn’t have the information but I am reading the comments on here that people have done it on the iPad Air 2 GSM. I am willing to trade information with you, if you can tell me where the resistors are located for board_id on the iPad Air 2 GSM model, I will tell you how to do it on the iPad wifi only model. I have done it on wifi only models.

      1. Not for the iPad Air 2, all it says is to find the resistors responsible for board_id. If anyone that has unlocked a iPad Air 2 can help me find these resistors I will pay you $100 USD. No bullshit.

          1. Pavel, I want to donate but I can’t through PayPal or visa swift. How can I donate right now? Worst comes to worst I’ll go buy a pre paid Visa card and make a new PayPal account. I’m not one of those people that says I’m going to donate but don’t donate. I’m a programmer that lives in Silicon Valley and I make good money. I work for oracle. So don’t worry, you will be seeing a donation from me because you damn well deserve it. I will post proof of donation on here or on GSM forum.

              1. Okay no problem. I can teach you few things if you ever have any questions about programming. If you’re just learning, I really recommend learning Python. It’s a very versatile language that can be used for a lot of things.

          1. Let’s don’t spend time on quarreling. 😉 I hear such promises almost each day. Maybe 1 from 100 will donate.

            And he successfully bypassed iCloud on his iPad Air 2. He wrote about this on GSM-forum. 🙂

  52. Can someone please tell me where the resistors for board_id are located in the iPad Air 2? I can’t find any schematic online for the air 2 I only found a schematic for the iPad Air.

  53. Is there any solution to unlock icloud on iPad Air 2 wifi only ? I will donate 20$ for any help. Thanks btw, great page

  54. This method works on iPad 2 gsm for iOS 9.0.2 wifi. Thanks. Even with a broken power button. The screen goes black during restore but it worked fine after completion.

  55. Hi Pavel. Great website man and thank you for all that you do.
    I’m new to this since the last time I hacked iOS was back in like 2008 or something.

    I’m just wondering if anyone has figured out a legit way to bypass iCloud on Wifi only iPads. Mines is model a 1566

    I seen that its possible with cellular versions just wondering if there is any progress on Wifi only versions. Thanks.

  56. Hi
    I’m a little bit confused.
    I have iPad Air 2 bypassed on iOS 9.0.2 everything work as it should but after few hours it goes to recovery mode and iTunes is trying to download GSM version of software.
    After first time when that happened , I opened iPad again and redone jumper, but it happened again. Looks like if I disconnect battery for few minutes everything is fine and “jumper ” is working again, no need to restore iPad. When iPad is in recovery mode reset by holding sleep and home button doesn’t work, only disconnecting battery makes “jumper” to work again.
    Any ideas?
    Any help would be really appreciated

  57. hi there…i bought an ipad 3 3g and ipad 4 for 100$ both, but these two are iCloud locked…can i do anything to unlock them???

  58. hola a todos ya quedo el ipad air 2 me costo uno y la mitad del otro pero ya esta muchas gracias pavel espero pronto hacerte una donacion si quieren ayuda contactame

      1. I’ve used online repository with Internet connection through Bluetooth, found it quicker and I think a little bit easier

          1. How abour wifi driver for ipad air2? All works well unless the wifi cannot be turn on. The driver must be replace with what ? Please share the info. Much thanks

  59. Success in bypassing my ipad 4 a1460 thank you, damaged my flex cable for home button + the digitiser but replaced all and im happy

  60. Hi , I have done the procedure in cases AIR2 for wifi, but does not recognize the source afc2 therefore ifile terminal is closed and does not appear I can do to fix this

    1. We have same problem. i Think new version of afc2 1.2 we need. old one is not supported wit ios 9. Farko odakle si ti ?

  61. I ve unlock my ipad 3 a 1430 cutting r1204, after it enter in dfu mode and i install 9.0.2 ios. after it restarts i arrive to see the process to chose wifi network and create an account. the ipad havve just 2 percent battery. after i try to charger but never goes on. i think ipad get hot near dock charging and logic board. have someone any idea what happen ?


    ps: sorry for my poor English

  62. Hello and I I have the jailbreak, but not intale files mereconoce the new repository will have help please video to help do the same .

  63. I Upgraded my ipad air 2 to ios 9 today after seen the jailbreak notice. I use a clean install of ios 9.0.2 (problems with the last jailbreak), for enter the sandbox i used ifunbox and Apple file conduit “2” tweak. Finally i put the files for ios 8.4 and its works… Thanks again Pavel 🙂

    1. Hi Rafael. I have a iPad Air 2 but WiFi only mine is model a 1566 with iCloud activation lock….

      Can I do the same thing you did? If so can you direct me to a tutorial? Any help is much appreciated.

  64. Hi, I just did a iPad Air 3G and everything works perfectly. Also those this also work on iPad Air wifi model? Thanks Pavel, and I will donate soon.

  65. hi pavel i need you help
    mi ipad air 2 a1567, and I followed all the steps, but i have a problem whit wifi,
    no start, terminate the bypass and can pass data by Bluetooth but want to know if there is already a solcuion please help

  66. Hi there. I’ve got Ipad 3 CDMA from Swappa’s bone yard. It did say it was Icloud locked. But stumbled upon your site, and took a risk to buy it, cause i was pretty confident i can desolder components. Long story short, thing came, i opened it, and to my surprise those 2 resistors were already removed. So, now theoretically, I shouldov had Ipad 3 WiFi. I tried to flash firmware to wiFi, and every time it is giving me error : “The iPad “iPad” could not be restored because firmware file is not compatible” And i tried all of the cersions from 5.1 to 9.0.2 . Could you advise please? You probably had something like that in your practice. Than you!

  67. Hello please advice according to the instructions I made ipad air 2 a1567 after connecting to iTunes in DFU mode, iTunes announced that it is connected iPhone, and can not install what I should do please help.

  68. Hello please advice according to the instructions I made ipad mini 3 a1601 after connecting to iTunes in DFU mode, iTunes announced that it is connected iPhone, and can not install what I should do please help.

  69. problem solved the antena wifi was disconnected..

    bluetooh and wifi are working ok , in ipad 2 cdma a1397 with ios 9.0.2 bypassed icloud by hardware method

  70. Hi again Pavel, I waited more than a week to try activate FaceTime and iMessage, but it doesn’t work. I tried login with a new ID, but it still doesn’t work. Does that mean I’ll never have those services? Do you have a theory why this happens?
    :v thx

  71. I have a iPhone 4 and a ipad mini 1st Gen wifi only. My ipad is locked I was plotting on switching the NAND flash chips. I’m not and expert on this stuff but What exactly will this do? Does is switch the serial number I really have nothing to loose here just experimenting.

  72. Hay fellas !!! , I have an iPad Air 2 A1567 , I made the procedure and ipad entered DFU mode , but when i load the IOS iTunes tells me that the software is not compatible , help please

    1. You have to load the WIFI software version (ipad air 2 A1566) ipsw file. Try to install ios 8.4.1 version before apple stops signing it, because you will need jailbreak to load wifi drivers and jb for 8.4.1 is coming soon.

  73. hello pavel i cleaned place and disconnect battery for 1 hour, my ipad will not start and nothing happen when i connect device to my laptop.
    I removed the resistor without solder iron i broken it maybe i destroy the motherboard ?

  74. hi i try today to remove r1506 on my ipad air a1475 and i don’t know what i made my device don’t start and unrecognized by itunes i understand nothing ! my ipad is DEAD ?

      1. ha ok maybe i made a jumper ok i try to clear and how many time i disconnect battery ? a few days or hours ? thanks i hope this solution will resolve my problem .

  75. hello pavel
    please i cant get the right resistor on ipad air wifi A1474 that why i ask for the video if possible. am ready to donated for the project if you can help ..i don’t know why you dont reply my comment…

  76. Does anyone know where the serial is stored in an iPad air? I’m trying to think of ways to bypass the wifi only models and came up with the conclusion that swapping the chips that hold the serials (between locked wifi iPads and locked cellular iPads) might do the trick because of how their activation works… Anyone with any ideas?

    1. Serial is stored in NAND flash chip. You can switch this chip from dead not locked in icloud ipads air. Also nand chips from some iPhones can be used too.

      I have no more info about chips from iPhones. People don’t want share this info with me for free and people almost don’t donate me to pay for this info

  77. hi all i want to try this bypass on ipad air cellular to remove resistor 1506 but i have a question when i will restore my device with ios 9 , only blutooth still work ? not wifi ? thanks pavel for your work 😉

          1. For me the easier ipad to bypass is the air 2, because it can be bypassed by only making a bridge (pencil or solder). And you can revert it by unsoldering or cleaning the pencil with isopropolic alcohol…

            Yes, after you need to wait jailbreak to install wifi drivers…

            I have only bypassed my air 2, but I’ve changed 2 o 3 touch screens from ‘normal’ ipads and it’s a mess. Too much glue. There was much, MUCH less glue on my air 2. It was very easy to take apart the display.

  78. I have an IPad 2 3G but cannot find the R1205 resistor. In the space it should be there never looks like anything was ever there.

    1. what if your ipad 2 3g was already bypassed and now relocked as an ipad 2 wifi? is there a ‘NO SIM’ message in activation screen?

  79. Hi again, it works perfect, I had some problems when I tried to remove the resistor in my iPad Air, so I had to destroy it because is very very small, but everything is fine, but I can’t activate FaceTime and iMessages after a week from bypassing, do you have some idea? I promise I will donate when I get paid, maybe next week. Thank you very much!

    1. It’s a mistery. Imessage works fine in my bypassed air 2, but facetime doesn’t. For some people both works after a week. Also, skype didn´t work for me. Try with a new apple ID..

  80. Hi Pavel,
    Thank you for your hard work. I have an iPad Mini 2 A1490 and want to remove icloud through your method. On the logic board in position 3 there is no soldered resistor. In position 4 there is a soldered resistor. According to your instructions, I should remove the resistors from position 3 and 4, and make a jumper in position 2. Is there a problem not having a resistor in position 3? Can I go further?

  81. Hi, thanks for your research, at this time I will make a donation, and I like to have the solution for iphone ipad wifi and, if they have already

  82. Hi ! I tried ios 9.1 beta on air 2. Bluetooth works, wifi doesn’t work. Just updates for ipad pro and a new middlefinger emoji . Best update ever….(sarcasm)

  83. You are the best,all schematics are perfect. iPad 3 retina, iPad mini,iPad mini retina unlocked and perfect.only FaceTime and iMessage had problem…goodjob

    1. 🙂

      Can’t help with facetime & iMessage. Sometimes it works and sometimes doesn’t. I wrote about this in FAQ. But this is better than iCloud locked iPad

      If I have some iPads I can try to find solution. But I haven’t. To expensive in my country.

      1. hi do you know if these methods work with the ipad 3 WIFI only a1416??? I noticed there are NO resistors in those locations on my board..

  84. Hello, did al the instructions. Used lead pencil to draw the jumper on position 2. Did full manual recovery to 8.4.1 everything worked fine, but didn’t have screen connected. After putting it all back together. iPad in boot recovery. I can’t restore to iOS 8.4.1 anymore, and now only does dfu or infinite reboot. IPad mini 2 retina A1490 and used correct wifi only ipsw 8.4.1. Manual or automated recovery do not work. It’s stuck at the apple logo with progress bar underneath, and it doesn’t progress any (0 progress) then it reboots back to DFU.

    Please help

        1. In my original post, I meant Recovery instead of DFU. I now know DFU is when the screen is black but itunes still recognizes it. Do you think there is a difference in which mode I should use to try to restore to IOS 9 ?

          1. Just tried using Latest Pangu from official website, they have a restore option. It works through the process as itunes does to restore to IOS 8.4.1 but it tells you the processes that are running. It apparently stops at: “sending ROOTTICKET not succeeded”. Any idea how to fix this ?

            Thank you in advance

              1. In conclusion, iTunes and Pangu, only let me restore to 8.4.1 but the ipad had 7.1.2 before. Pangu Says: “sending ROOTTICKET not succeeded”
                iTunes Says: ” Error 9″

                Any help?

                or is it a paperweight?

  85. hello, excuse my English He has made air bridge ipad 2gsm, put in DFU. when connected to iTunes tells me right now there is no software for this iPad. and actualize iTunes.

    down version of iTunes, download ipsw all GSM and WiFi., but not always restored This software is not compatible with this iPad. any suggestions ? antemanos ,,,,,, thanks to all wen forum

  86. Hola ,ipad air2 gsm ,
    Restore iTunes – en estos momentos no hay software para este iPad
    Manual Restore – este software no es compatible

            1. Actually iphone can’t share wifi through bluetooth, only celular data. (jailbreak needed for wifi sharing). So I’m doing it thought laptop sharing to ipad. I’ve tried android phone and ipad says that it’s an incompatible device. Yes, bluetooth is ‘fine’ for web surfing and youtube, gives me 175kb/s bandwidth. For app install is better to use a pc and then sync.

  87. Hello guys. I have a ipad mini 2 i brought it second hand and it has an icloud id which is i dont know. How can i open my ipad? Thanks in advance

  88. hello , perform the procedure in a iPad Air 2 GSM , iPad enters DFU but when will restore iTunes tells me it’s not the software it help me please

  89. iPad 2.2 ios 4.8.1 Model A1396 (GSM) remove the resistor r1205 how to check point on R1205 not showimg number on ipad motherboard any resistor R1205 plz help me prossior A5 chip

  90. Hi, I have an iPad AIR2 A1567 cloud, I read your solution I placed it right in the Covenant but I try to do update to iTunes allows me to make it and I send a message like this: “Software for this iPad is not Currently available .Make sure your have the lates version of iTunes and try again “. I mention that the version of software I downloaded iTunes 8.4 and 8.3 and version 8.4.1 and gives me erroare wifi and it is not fair carefully what to do?

  91. Greetings, Today I tried to do a Bypass on an iPad 2 3g A1396 by removing the resistor r1205 (I restore it with iPad 2 WIFI firmware and no errors, I restore it before conecting the touch and lcd) but when I reassemble it it powers on rightway but with no ligth and wont load the apple logo just turn the screen on like it was sleeping, also the power button wont do anything.. I manage to activate it with no problem.. whats wrong =( I just want an iPad….

      1. hello , perform the procedure in a iPad Air 2 GSM , iPad enters DFU but when will restore iTunes tells me it’s not the software it, help me please

  92. When I go to remove the resistor on iPad Air, do I need remove the battery and place it again when the resistor is removed? Or i don’t remove the battery?

  93. Hi I have a problem make the bridge to the AIR2 cases but are no longer signing IOS 8.4 and IOS 8.4.1 and I have no jailbreak com can activate the wifi without Sydia

  94. Hi sir!! Sucess bypass for ipad air gsm , but after 3 minutes turns off and then on. What should i do?? Thanks sir pavelfor your hard work and yes i will make a ” small” donation because you deserve. Thanks

  95. Little update: iPad Air 1475, unlocked using this method a few months ago. I have already made a small donation. So far so good the only problem is that iMessages and FaceTime can’t activate. I have tried many things, I even upgraded from IOS 8.3 to IOS 8.4.1 but the problem is still there. I guess this is something to do with the way activation is working. Although the iPad 3G is recognised as IPad wifi only by iTunes and the wifi firmware is installed when I go to settings it still shows the model number of iPad Air 3G. Some people here said that they managed to activate FaceTime/iMessages. I am really curious if someone can share some experience. Thanks.

      1. Yes I have read the FAQ many times. After trying 2-3 months and trying different Apple IDs FaceTime still not working.

  96. Hello guys.Please help.I have ipad air 2 lte(bought it with hardware bypass,but didn`t know until now) and after a restore in itunes the wifi and bluetooth greyed out.My luch is that i was able to quickly downgrade to 8.4 (until the apple block yesterday) and now with the jailbreak i can remake the wifi conection.One quick question,i tried using pp for jb as it states it that guide but didn`t work,it stars something and quickly stops .I don`t understand the message is in chinese.Can i use taig ? I want to assure first because i have like one bullet with this situation …..if i screw something then i only have the restore option …but in my case the restore is basicaly a dead end (because ios 8.4.1 doesn`t support jb,and of course without jb there is no wifi repair and so on … )Thanks in advance.I`m willing to donate 5 euros tommorow ….
    Hope to hear asap.

  97. Hi, ipad 2 3g after remove r1205 I get an error 3194 dan 3004 , has been trying to edit the hosts , still remains the same .now still DFU mode and using the firmware ipad 2 for wifi. Please help me

  98. HI Fellas, going on following me , I have an iPad iPad Air 2 a1575 model , perform the procedure and physical ipad enters DFU well but when I load the IOS tells me that is not compatible with this device, which can be !!!

  99. are u sure about the ipad mini resistors cause i remove r1204 and 1205 and jump r1205 as requested. After that itunes says “internal program not compatible”, the ipad is recognized by itunes as “ipad” but when i charge the ipad mini wifi iOS, the message on above appears. I suspect your procedure, i mean that the resistors desciribed are the good ?

  100. hi pasha, i understand your concern, you dedicated a lot of time and effort but the people are not gentle enough to donate you, i’m about to open a bussines in my country (Dominican Republic) the “icloud unlock” for iphones will be really atraction for the customers, if you are willing to create an icloud removal for iphones, i’ will be more than happy to donate you for everytime we unlock one, and i’m also willing to make a conctract to prove you my commiment

  101. Hi I have iPhone 6 plus, 6, 5s, and 5, please I am willing to make a donation for icloud bypass how can I get the info after the donation.

  102. Hello.

    I wanted to ask , but the files of the wifi must be dragged into the folder to replace the other . thank you

  103. hello sir I have ipad mini A1490 I would like to know when you said on your manual Make jumper on position #2.Position #3 must be empty. what is that mean is there any video where I can see how its done please I will appreciated

      1. hello sir I removed all 3 resistor but Jumper how can I make a Jumper also on your instruction the resistor 1 leave that one alone also what if I don’t make a jumper and just leave it removed #2 #3 and #4 what will happen

  104. I try the method with an iPad 2 A1397 but when i’m restoring on iTunes the Bar stays in the middle and it doesn’t move. What could be the problem? Thanks in advance

    1. You will always receive a message from iTunes incase the process doesn’t complete. But then, on the iPad, it will just switch itself off before iTunes brings the message. No bar will show. Just be patient and let the restore finish.

  105. i have the same problem i with my ipad mini model a1432
    and you just have the other models wich one is the right one for unlock mine

  106. Hey can you help me please?? I’m in the ipad and I jailbroke it created the directory and copied the download files where instructed.
    Now I open Cydia and when I try to install the package it shows the “Network Error” Unable to load the interned connection appears to be offline.

          1. well sorry , I meant that I have to remove the resistor listed as # 4 and put in place the # 2 and that’s it not ?

            1. I wrote everything in manual. Read:

              On the iPad mini with Retina display 4G Model A1490 remove resistors #3 and #4. Make a jumper on position #2. Or instead of a jumper on position #2 you can solder in resistor #3 on position #2

  107. Hey I did everything but it is not allowing me to install the files from the Cydia offline folder I created. Any help please?
    It gives me the Network Error

  108. On Model A1397 (CDMA) move resistor r1205 on the spot of r1204? I dont get really what to do what and how shall i mobe and do i have to destroy a resistor?

      1. Hey Pavel, I don’t get why you have to react like this with all these people, if you were the only one who came out with this solution and tested out yourself, and so on, why act so mean? I’ve been reading all the comments, and you’ve been acting like those people that when they know they have the solution, they have to act like a beatch first in order to help people out. if you really want to help people out make sure you do it right, otherwise do not even make a move!

        1. Hi
          I didn’t understand your message.

          I helped people throughout making solution for new device and clear manuals. This is it. I don’t want to answer on stupid questions from lazy people who don’t want read all post.

          + only 1-2 people per month donate for my help and work. I’ll better spend time on work than on support.

  109. When removing resistors from iPad 2 are there 2 # 1205 that need removed? If so does both where 1205 resistors were does a jumper need to be made to connect both spots together? Please email me I am not on any Facebook or anything, thank you.

  110. Hello how are you?
    my name is Luke , I wonder if the ipad board 4 the sequences resistors , for example :
    ipad in 1459 has the resistor 1206 and then 0702 , or it does not have in 1206 ?
    thankful !

      1. Hello how are you ?
        I wonder , after I made the procedure iPad 4 does not recognize the GSM network anymore.
        You have any solutions ?

  111. Привет! Вот такую штуку получил – “Это устройство не классифицируется для запрошенной сборки ПО”. iPad 3 GSM 64Gb, удалил r1204 скальпелем, джампер не делал. Что не так? iPad перешёл в DFU после сборки, само собой.

  112. i have iCloud iPad mini with Retina Display 3G (A1490)

    i removed resistors 3 and 4 and make jumper on position 2 when connect ipad to pc give me ipad mini2 wifi in dfu mode (iPad4,4_8.4_12H143_Restore)when i restore the ipad give me error 9 and blue screen on ipad what the problem

    1. Hi


      This error occurs when the device unexpectedly loses its USB connection with iTunes.  This can occur if you manually disconnect the device during the restore process. You can resolve this issue by using USB troubleshooting, using a different Dock Connector or Lightning Connector to USB cable, trying another USB port, restoring on another computer, or by eliminating conflicts from third-party security software.

  113. Just bypassed iPad mini 3 with one problem .. No sound on the loud speaker any idea ? How can I donate ????

      1. excacly , and about error 51 was because i didnt connect the digitizer and lcd , Thank you very mutch for your great job i will donate you because you deserve it

  114. @Pavel do you have the schematic for the a1403 with a5x chip? They seem to be different than the one posted in the instructions. Or maybe I’m looking in the wrong place for the resistor..is it on the backside? I’m willing to donate for your help. Thanks!

  115. Hi there just bypassed my air 2 and applied the drivers. I just want to know if there is a way to use gps offline? I will donate as soon as I earn my wage!

      1. Can’t find a solution, the point is that the wifi model doesn’t have the agps while the lte yeah. Now the question is…do I need just to use drivers for it?or there is no hope as it is just recognized as wifi only?

        1. on some bypassed iPads (3, 4) gps sometimes works. Can’t say more because people don’t write about results here or to me by emails.

          With Air 2 all problems are with drivers. If gps doesn’t work it will not works for now or ever

          1. May I ask why there are this kind of problems with drivers? Because chips are differents? Between air lte and wifi?

    1. Hello.
      You can explain how you managed to load the drivers. in offline cydia I do not make me do anything. thanks

  116. Good Morning , i need a help ! i do the remove ( maybe ) the resistor 4 and i already make a jumper with a pencil .. but now is permantly to dfu mode and the itunes recocnize the ipad like iphone on dfu mode and make i try to restore it with 8.4 itunes tells me that software is not for this device or something ( ipad mini 3 cdma ) please help me

    1. Apparently you are the first to suffer from this problem , it might assembling or disassembling the device cometierras an error , the important thing is that it’s ready , I understand that was the target or not ??

    1. Use reply button.

      I hear about such problem first time. My Android tablet is hot too. It’s hot summer maybe.

      I don’t know about temperatures of iPads beacause don’t have it

    1. Do you have a picture of the resistor that needs to be removed from the a1403? Mine has the a5x. It’s different than the one pictured

  117. Павел! Специально зашел сюда что бы поблагодарить за проделанную работу! Молец! Скинул тебе небольшой донат enjoy it you deserve it 🙂

  118. Hi Pável, i donated and send to you photos of iPad Air 2 opened. The ipad don’t charge do you know maybe why?

  119. i will be the first to donate the minute non 3g unlock becomes available, otherwise i can donate now if you send me private instructions. thanks

  120. when can we expect to see this tuturial “How we bypass iCloud on all iPads with help of difficult hardware method”

    i will be the first to donate!

    1. Hi

      For last 30 days only 1 man donated me few $ and I helped to unlock 10-12 (all Air 2 and each costs more than $500) devices through mail, skype, twitter.

      So maybe I will not work under methods for any other devices in future because people do not appreciate my work and don’t donate.

      I don’t use my manuals myself. I made it to share with other

      1. Any luck with Wifi models? I tried the hardware method on an iPad 3 cellular (CDMA version) but lost the r1205 resistor after removing it..now it won’t turn on anymore:/

        I would be happy to donate also:)

        1. im willing to donate ahead of time as long as its a go. anyone else that is interested should consider donating too.

      1. Can you help me too? I follow all the the intructions
        Hi everyone, its all ok with the hardware bypass, thanks. But i’m stuck in the step 8, im used mac and terminal with ssh root@ password: alpine doesn’t work…. For the step 6, im install 4/5 tweaks, file can’t be installed, i don’t know why, maybe thats the problem?? I downloaded the last bypass file for now. Thanks again 🙂

        1. you have to enable ssh in ifunbox, if still issues after ifunbox saying ssh enabled @ then use a program like putty to ssh in..
          If Ifunbox can not make an ssh connection then go to packages in cydia and install ssl and then ssh and go back to Ifunbox, enable ssh, go to putty and make the connection, add files and wifi is there no need to reboot!!

    1. I have 2 Ipad 2 airs bypassed one files work on, other files don’t work, I have not worked out 100% why the fix works on 1 but not other!

    2. I managed to make and install jailbreack 4 of 5 applications, less ifile, I managed to enable ssh and copies the archvos, but still no WIFI

  121. i don’t find manual to enable wifi sir Pusha,the link that you put in GSMHOSTING is the same of baypàss iPad air 2 for no working wifi

  122. Hello sir Pasha, some peaple found a method of working wifi after byapass ipad Air 2,it is realy that ? a men wrote this in Forum GSMHOSTING, and someone else said that wifi work for spercial model of iPad air 2 ,i don’t khow how they fixed that sir.

  123. guys, I have an ipad air 2 in the article says I must make a jumber in the points shown , I’m no expert in electronics and I doubt if it’s just connect the 2 points or more , please someone who can give me a hand my iPad model is the a1567 , thanks ..

  124. guys, I have an ipad air 2 in the article says I must make a jumber in the points shown , I’m no expert in electronics and I doubt if it’s just connect the 2 points or more , please someone who can give me a hand my iPad model is the a1567 , thanks ..

  125. Friends, I have an ipad 2 wifi A1395, which method to use to remove the lock icloud?It is to remove the board_id this model or just the A1396 model?

    Amigos, tenho um ipad 2 wifi A1395, qual metodo usar para retirar o bloqueio do icloud? tem como remover o board_id deste modelo ou só do modelo A1396?

      1. what a wonderful person you are Pavel,. another question, can I also turn automatic updates and find my apple on? Facetime also giving hard time to sign in,. can this be fixed in time. 😀 God bless you and your work. 😀

  126. A1431 ipad mini ..is there a possibility for a Icloud hardware unlocking? I cant find anything for this version.I search complete google. I know that for another there is but for this one I cant find anything. Please give me your suggestion?
    kind regards

        1. is there any solution for repairing and remove resistors as on the other models or I can unfortunately throw away…

  127. I have an IPAD 4 A1458 I have it open and ready for removing the r1205 resistor however there are no numbers on the board so I do not know what component to remove. I find no pictures of the A 1458 on the web which identify the correct component. Are you able to help me. Thanks

  128. i have tried the jumper the ipad enta dfu mode and accept wifi ios bt after restoration complete it ask for the icloud user and pass. pls what might go wrong?

      1. Davide,

        then connected the touch id is resolved? please tell me why I have a problem is that tells me that iOS is not compatible with your device

        1. in short I have unlocked two iPad Air 2, One of the two had the LCD screen broken so I used an LCD with a touch not ID her, That’s why I had problems with the error 53, but I still have not solved the problem of Wi-Fi

  129. i have purchase one apple device iPad mini 2 and i will erased this device and no owner contect us please help me in my device active please my device activation serial:F4KK28J3F193

  130. Hi Pavel! Do I have to make a jumper after removing the resistor (ipad2 3g gsm) or just leave the contacts apart?

  131. Hi Pavel! the solution you have sounds like it work and i am very interested. I have an apple ipad mini model A1432 that I purchased 2nd hand online. I gave the previous owner a call and we met up and i purchased it (not knowing a thing about icloud) and 2 weeks later im sitting with a bricked device. since then i have been doing some research and i am very interested in your solution. please point me in the right direction

  132. Hi Mr Pasha,question please.On the Model iPad 2 3G A1397 (CDMA) move resistor r1205 to position r1204. that mean we remove resistor r1205 and we replace r1204 by resistor r1205 and posistion r1205 will be empty

  133. hi, can link for me firmware wifi compatible ? i have try and itunes say “no compatible firmware”.
    if u help i make donation for u

  134. I want to ask question.After that your method( Resistors are removed ) is finished,ipad cellular change to like ipad wifi ? ? ?

  135. Boa noite sou do Brazil e ainda não fiz esse procedimento, to com um iPad 2 a1396 só preciso remover o resistor e restaurar como modelo wi-fi ? e qual email eu faço a doação ?

    1. Fala jovem, isso mesmo você precisa remover o resistor mostrado na imagem, após a remoção o iPad vai ser reconhecido em modo DFU no computador então você restaura ele com o arquivo do iPad 2 WiFi.
      O e-mail do carinha para paypal é: bic.develop8@gmail.com

  136. hello, boyz

    some help with the air 2 ipad A1567 model , and is in DFU mode but when I load the IOS iTune says that version is not supported by your computer , help please

    1. You probably didn’t follow the instructions right, I once had an issue where my iPad showed up as iphone and I decided to update it anyway, but it told me that software for my version wasnt available. Retrace your steps and remember if you accidentally touched anything else. I personally dont own an iPad, but I have tried these methods on my fellow colleagues (apple resellers) iPads, and ALL have been accurate if followed correctly.

  137. iPad mini2 confirmed, working fine. For the newbies asking questions that already have answers, The instructions Pavel gave on unlocking explain everything,instead of asking how to do “this” and it’s already explained, post pictures and share experiences to help each other out.

      1. Its Simple , this method is for more advanced users.Instruction are very easy to follow. Even for newbies, but if you can perform a simple restore just go to someone to do it for you! And DON”T FORGET TO SAY THANK YOU with a donation to Pasha!

    1. thanks for answering,
      the error that I have is that when I load the IOS tells me that is not compatible with this model, the iPad is in DFU but do not understand why not accept the iOS, review the work of the board and is well cast

  138. 1 man wrote that after iCloud bypass Air 2 was updated to iOS9 and bluetooth works. Wifi maybe can be fixed in future with jailbreack. At this moment iOS says that can’t find driver for WiFi in some folder

    1. help !!! plz

      please some light on my problem , I have an ipad air 2 which made ​​the process go into DFU mode but when I try to install the downloaded ios for this model tells me that is not supported by this device , which may be pavel Thanks

  139. i did mine, ipad 4 gsm, working fine now, but front camera is not working after that!! any suggestion.. thanks a lot

  140. Hi,
    I’ve got IPad mini 2 1490, I’ve managed to take it apart and free the mobo. However the motherboard has two heat sinks over the top of a group of resistors. Any idea how to dismantle those to follow your further instructions?
    thank you

    1. OK, friend, my apologies, I’ve managed to open it. My question is: when you say “remove resistor 4” and “position #3 must be empty” does that mean that both, ##4 and 3 must be removed?

  141. Hello ,
    I’ve seen people saying to have a method for the wifi model ipads, something about changing serial number…in your knowledge how true can that be?

      1. Ones you change NAND…is that a complicated process? I have about 10 ipad wifi’s to test and necessary tools too. will I need this in order to do that?

        Thank you Pavel.
        You are amazin, expect a big donation from me very soon I promise.

        1. Hi
          I’m not an engineer and don’t work with soldering iron. But ipads wifi only can be unlocked even with help of compatible iphone NAND. I didn’t dig deeper because people don’t want share info with me.

          1. The Serial number is located in the NAND chip right? Well i will do so testing will let you know how that goes… Thanks for your info you have being very helpful 😉

  142. Hello Pawel, what do you think about buying motherboards (logic boards) from eBay and replacing them. Would that count as a new device? I’ve seen ipad and iphone logic boards selling for 9.99 – 100 $. I think those very cheap ones (bare motherboards) might be parts from stolen devices.

  143. Hello, Thanks for the tutorial, have finished the hardware part, but when i try restoring with Ipad wifi model firmware, it get error, that “the Ipad couldn’t restore because the firmware is not compatible”.. how do u bypass that too

    1. must add on module base band CDMA or GSM with no AP Id.(no Icloud locked), just pass riteaway. sory I don’t know how to post a picture or schematic on website. for you do it.

  144. Can u help me with ipad air2 4G? Send me your paypal info so i can donate . Pls i need help with air 2

    1. Remove R1504 (10k) board id_3,for GSM and just 1505 if CDMA.if you need schematic pm to me help you.Ipadair.

  145. Привет Павел, это через переводчика, я кубинские и жить в Испании, я встретил много русских на Кубе, и я восхищаюсь им за их силу, после того, как немного льстить вам те тяжелые изменения мой планшет Android, Ipad через Интернет, теперь я вижу, что он заблокирован, в IPAD 2 WIFI 1395, EMC 2560 V 2.4, ты моя надежда «Товарищ»… JA… скажите мне, как мы делаем, .no вы defraudare. Спасибо

      1. I have been fix it by replace U1400 (hynix 2DTDG8UD1MYR) chip is SSD 16GB, beside U1410 for 32GB don’t need replace. because firmware on U1400) chip have other SN for activate. buy it from China.

      2. Hi Pavel, you are not nice. I have donated to you 2 times. need some ipad schematic, you haven’t sent to me, now I have full all model ipad iphone for unlocking . as you know Icloud server control lock id for both. good luck you research more for people will be grateful to you. I want to assistant but now to busy, and post some schematic I have find out some way to pass it.

        1. Hi

          As I wrote I have a lot of exams almost each days. I have no time on emails (each day more than 10-15 emails arives). All schematics except air 2, mini 2, mini3 are available on torrents.

    1. Please help me i got ipad mini 2 how can i bypass the iCloud lock pls i know how to do that at the iphone 4 just jailbreake with redsn0w but how to do that on my ipad?

    2. hello and thanks for your work, i cannot make this work, i bypass the icloud with the jumper in a ipad air 2 but cant make wifi work yet.

  146. Hi Pavel,

    Thank you for this. Unfortunately I (of course!) have the wifi only iPad 4 A1458. iOS 7.0.4 (I think). Is there any way to hardware unlock this model? I am happy to give you beforehand a donation.

    Thank you.

  147. Здравствуйте Павел. У меня a1567, не могу найти схемное решение отвязать от iCloud. Может Вы продвинулись в этом направлении?

    1. Здравствуйте
      Его нет. Нужны хорошие фото платы и человек, который захочет тестировать. Схемы самого устройства очень дорогие, а люди донатят редко.

    2. Куда отправить фото платы? Есть A1567, могу поэскпериментировать.

  148. iPad mini 3G Model A1454 – удалить резистор – ясно
    А как сделать перемычку?
    Что это значит?
    Чем ее сделать?

    1. перемычка это соединение двух контактов (площадок) с помощью или припоя, или резистора с нулевым сопротивлением. Делается это паяльником или паяльной станцией.

  149. how much do i have to donate to get the iPad air 2 a1567 and know which resistor to remove? Email me and I can pay via Paypal. I dont have time to phuck around

  150. Добрый день. Разблокировал IPAD 2 3G. Все работает и обновился до IOS 8.3. Спасибо

  151. Hi pavel, did you get my donation on paypal?
    and Pavel theory is disable imei 3,4G, ipad become wifi SN for activation as new one, and me can bypass wifi by disable wifi then solder 3,4G board atmoment ipad will become use IMEI id for activate.

      1. yes, use IR rework station SMD technician. for de solder and solder ribbon on logic board is easy to do, as you know one more method is replace SSD chip beside A5 or A6 cpu. data ID stay on it.
        about for WIFI must require one base band board CDMA or GSM not icloud lock IMEI on it.
        I like your research and have full schematic diagram, and clear instruction .
        recommend when remove resistor don’t use heat gun. should nail scissor slight cut.

        1. I’m not sure about this. But try this and tell us about result. Maybe Apple can check Cellular device by paired IMEI + SN.

          Also in Air 2 looks like WiFi and Cellular in the same chip 🙁

          “recommend when remove resistor don’t use heat gun.”
          I don’t use this methods. Just develop them in theory and check with help of enthusiasts

      2. could you give me ipad air, air 2, mini2, and 3 for testing bypass icd. if yes send it to my email johndo1952@yahoo……..thanks .

  152. is there any way i can pay you to tell me how to unlock wifi only ipad mini? ill give you the money first

  153. hy.
    I have a problem with my iPad, iCloud blocked, specify that only air ipad wifi is there any possibility at this model and work to eliminate resistance.
    I would like to donate something if there is a method to my problem solving.

  154. Hello,
    I made hardware bypass on my ipad 4 a1460 and it works properly. I saw that there weren’t R1205 and R1206 , so I thought that if I can switch R1204 with R1205 in order to install GSM software instead of wifi only software. In this way I would be able to use 3g . Am I right? There is any chance? However, if this doesn’t work, I want to know if we can develop an application which could access 3g module.
    Thank you,

    P.S. We can talk more through email 🙂

    1. ну и ну ,весь этот процесс сложный тем,что удаляя что либо, ipad при подключении может показывать всякую фигню , нужно быть внимательным, и терпеливым . и манипулировать дальше, пока не определится как ipad .

      1. Беру свои слова обратно, всё заработало, FaceTime и iMessage.

      1. Why should I donate you if you didn’t answer to my question? I see fair for both of us, firstly we talk and try together to find a solution, as I said before “we can develop”.

        P.S. If I found something on Google about my questions, I wouldn’t be here…

    2. Thats impossible as of now. Making it gsm will return the iCloud. A gsm module is a possibility but will have to be on a jailbrocken device, but still, i dont know how that will work. Creating the module isnt like creating an android app. 🙁 , it’sapple, remember!!!

  155. И не ужели без потерие 3G нельзя востонавить устройство……это ведь важная часть планшета……?

    1. по твоему в apple работают дураки ? твоё устройство уже было активировано после покупки,.и второй раз пройти активацию,означает провал,не может одно и тоже устройство пройти активацию через такую серьезную степень блокировки как у apple, это надо хорошо изменить твой ipad ,и обойдется заменой не только резистора . дешевле купить б/у на avito , зато чистый ,и всё работает и 3g.

  156. Всем привет, заблокировал свой планшет сам забыв пароль, ipad mini 3G 1455. Как понял прочитав комментарие, что после удаление резисторов, теряешь 3G. И можно ли тем же Icloudom ползоваться или придеться другой открывать

  157. Товарищи, нужна ваша помощь!
    На Ipad a1396 после удаления r1205 определяется как Iphone.
    Что делать то?

  158. Hi pavel … Does this method work on ipad 4 model a1458 ? .. i does not have 3g
    this page does not have instructions anymore , just a picture of jesus ” no donation, no salvation” lol

    if you can help me get my ipad working i will send you $20 USD via paypal
    im not sure if i have to bridge or remove the resistors or which ones because its different for the devices

      1. most people ask for help and dont even say thanks after you help them.. nor do they donate… this is why i stopped making free tutorials too .. but lets be honest, there is no hardware method of removing icloud on wifi devices , if it was possible it would be online somewhere … and if your mad about not getting donations , you should charge for live 1 on 1 help through facetime for people having trouble

  159. да да да …удалось активировать ipad , это огромный плюс… но сказать что удалось обмануть iTunes , я не могу. частично -да , но это не победа…

  160. работа facetime и imesag , невозможна , просто это приложения apple. никогда они не будут работать на подобных устройствах, и сами ipad работают не стабильно.

  161. It works. I managed to do it. The resistor is so tiny. You have to be extremely careful, otherwise you can damage the motherboard. Now my tablet is back to life. Except Face Time and iMessage which fail to activate everything else works fine. You man really deserve donation.

  162. halo please i need help i follow all the instruction for the remove the resistor. it work fine but no screen at all. then after in dfu mode my ipad air in itunes says errors (2005) after tray to restore new firmware from itunes, now i check my ipad can’t turn on. can’t connect on my PC. i double check many times the screen still black and look like dead i check the flesible cable look fine for me. pls i’m really need advice what should i do.

      1. Dear SIR
        Pls i need moe info if possible could send msg so that i can make donation and get more information by email

        Thanks a lot

          1. Dear

            I would to contact by email so that i can give details of my device or a freind device and get information on to make hardware the device with fuul explanation also we are going to make donation

  163. Yes sir ,i’m interrsting in second way == Premium Apple ICloud ID owner info finder by IMEI & UDID (also supported for not found)====
    wich has a success rate of 90% as you told sir.How much money cost?
    and how to contact you for this

    1. ipad 4 cellular ,удалял один ,но они на столько мелкие , что не заметил как оторвал иголкой три штуки рядом стоящие. подключил ,определился как iphone , на месте где были резисторы поелозил пояльником . пока не определился как ipad . перемычки не делал. просто немного пайки нанЁс . и так без этих резисторов заработал.

      1. главное чтоб после удаления.был конект. определяется как iphone. и дальше дело техники ,нанес олово, подключил и смотришь . если нет ipad то дальше с пояльником елозишь . и так пока не покажет как ipad. я два дня елозил.

        1. повторюсь мой ipad 4 , прошел активацию даже без трех резисторов .

          1. но придется смирится с тем что,не будет активироваться приложения facetime и imessage. а в остальном все ок.

            1. facetime и imessage через время могут заработать. Я глубже не копал в эту проблему. Так как не хочу больше тратить на это время. Есть другие дела, которые приносят финансовую прибыли в отличие от этих инструкций.

  164. I have a I PAD model A1460 but there is no IMEI at back of I PAD only serial No. Can I proceed with your method.

    Please suggest.

  165. Павел помогите пожалуйста удалил по “слепоте” оба резистора 1506 и 1507! как можно выйти из положения ? айпад айр 1475 с уважением Левон!

  166. For those who have iPad mini wifi only, can they post a clear image around the processor, I don’t have access to one right now but maybe its reversible.

    1. You can find them if search in google “iPad Mini Wi-Fi Teardown iFixit”. They post a big photos.

      People here don’t help other. They just take free info and go away. Don’t wait for photo. Search as I proposed

          1. No problem. Found the pics, now i just need the iPad mini to try out a few theories. I have tried all your methods and they all work. I will post my findings if i can get my hands on the iPad mini.

      1. Do you mean the whole nand flash memory?… Is this a solution, or could still have issues?? Thanks in advance… 🙂

  167. good night,

    in the iPad Mini 3g with retina display a1490 you say to remove the resistor 4, after do the jumper in position 2 , it means making the jumper on the resistor which in the position 2 on the photo ? and position 3 must be empty , it means remove the resistor which in the position 3 ? and the photo shows a resistor in position 1, what should i do with him ? thank you for the support. sorry about the english. all other tutorials worked perfectly . congratulations from Brazil !

    1. Rafael , boa tarde voce conseguiu saber especificamente cual sao os resistores que se retiram e cuais sao os que fazer jumper e os que ficam vazios!? disculpe meu portugues, que fazer com o resistor 1 que esta marcado na imagem !? conseguiu fazer o unlock !?